iOS 12.3 Beta 2 – Follow Up

iOS 12.3 Beta 2 has been out for a few days. I go over my experience with the updates as far as stability and battery life on iOS 12.3 Beta 2. #iOS #Apple #iphone

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30 Replies to “iOS 12.3 Beta 2 – Follow Up”

  1. Chao Her

    There is a bug I just find out. Go to your google app, click on the tabs ions on the bottom right, than click on clear all and lastly click on new search. Your iPhone will reset itself. Please tell Apple to fix this bug. Thank you Aaron.

  2. Ryan Maynard

    So glad you did this follow-up video I thought I was going crazy but I notice the XS Max freezing at times too! Very frustrating. Sometimes apps will crash too including Snapchat

  3. John Linton

    I have the first X that came out has been fine until these past updates having trouble with contacts not showing up on Apple Watch 4…also back of phone get hot now when using and that’s the first

  4. pam oakes

    My alarm didn’t work today for the first time ever. The lock screen showed alarm but there was no sound. Don’t know if that’s a bug or something unrelated on my Max.

  5. Jeremy DeBose

    XS Max. I didn't get to vote. None of the choices fit. I'd go with great but with bugs generally. All random bugs that are hard to replicate still. Except for that having to turn on airplane mode just to get signal.

    Also lagged a long time waking it up today.

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