iOS 12.4 Beta 2! What's New?

Today we are checking out what’s new in iOS 12.4 Beta 2!

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Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I’ll see you, in the next video 🙂
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iMac Pro:
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WD MyBook Duo 20TB:
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Audio Engine A2+ Speakers:


iPhone Xs Max:
2018 iPad Pro 12.9 Inch:
Apple Watch Series 4:
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Panasonic GH5:
Panasonic Lumix G Vario Lens:
DJI Ronin S:
Atomos Ninja Inferno:
Sennheiser MKH-416:
Yamaha MG10XU:
Manfrotto 502:
Manfrotto MT190XPRO4:
Aputure C120D:
Aputure Light Done:
Westcott Flex 1X1 LED:


AmpliFi Mesh Router:
Anker PowerCore 20,000:

31 Replies to “iOS 12.4 Beta 2! What's New?”

  1. CiiPPER DiiPP

    Do not install this.. my photos my music and my Face ID doesn’t work anymore I’ve tried everything, yes I turned iCloud Photo Library back on. Still nothing I’m actually worried that my photos are actually gone because I had like 10000 photos and there’s not a single one .

  2. Owen Thorley

    @TechReview could you give me a link to your wallpaper that you use in your video because I cannot get the Discord app because if I tap get it will ask for card payment verification but I don't have a credit card ?

  3. Todd B

    Since 12.4 Beta 1 take Wifi icon time to show top right-hand corner after 1~2 mins, after the initial upgrade 12.4 Beta 2, delayed wifi icon issue still there. Seems this happened when modem firmware upgraded 1.06.01.

  4. iM4CH3T3 Dimachete

    Dont u get a better score in Geekbench when running it a second time ?
    I actually mean the cpu test.
    For me it runs awesome on my 8 but I noticed something very odd!!!
    Since this update I can’t connect my iPhone to my ps4 pro via WiFi (cast symbol) in the YouTube app

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