iOS 12 – Battery Saving Tips

I share the top 10 iOS 12 battery tips to help you get the most out of your iPhone running the latest iOS 12 OS update.

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iOS 12 brings a lot of improvements. In this video Aaron from Zollotech shares 10 tips from Apple that will help you save battery life on any of your devices running iOS 12. These tips apply to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPad, iPad Pro and iPod Touch 6G.

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49 Replies to “iOS 12 – Battery Saving Tips”

  1. raceface_m

    Turn off screen time because that’s the biggest battery hog. Turn off background app refresh for apps you don’t use. Only push emails when you open the email app itself. Done.

  2. Sister swag satanic salamanda

    I have the iPhone XR which Apple say is the best battery which I don’t think is right because I just got this phone 3 days ago and it shouldnt be losing 5% multiple times on the 2nd and 3rd day without even being on it

  3. Ashton Brown

    Using low power mode basically would disable what we’ve already disabled lol the only thing it changes is screen knock out ironically I’ve used low power mode when my phone was at 20 percent it stayed there for a solid 4 hours with use

  4. George P

    I don’t understand the point of messing around with tips of making the battery improvements by activating stuff like fetch instead of push to receive emails and gain some battery.when it supposed to work by default in this every day and usual services .

  5. Axl Vlogs

    Is this normal? I have an iphone xs when its fully charge and I used it when at 100% its so long before it turns 99% but when it hits 99% its draining like 1% per min

  6. Gerald Willis

    Great videos, I subscribed because you have up to date info for new products and features and iso fixes and problems and very easy to follow.
    Keep up the great videos and service you provide for the You Tube Community. Thank You.

  7. Aldrich 2307

    Hey Aaron… can u plsz me… my iphone x is really acting wierd after ios 12.1 update… particularly battery life…. my phone heats up alot below the camera….. all i do is browse the net.. n bit of insta and whatsapp… i have tried all the tips n tricks… but it hasnt helped me… battery life at 94%

  8. Dominic Venturi

    Whyyy, why Apple still can't add one simple button for turning off/on geolocation, or just add Siri shortcut or smth, is that SO DIFFICULT?? So cool on Android, u can use it whenever u want, than easily turn off, saving a lot of charge…

  9. Fernando Gandara

    Noticed that my iPhone SE battery last a lot longer compared to my iPhone 7 on IOS12. Rather strange. Looking forward to the XS. As long as I could get a day of battery I’m fine.

  10. Abu The Alien

    For some reason my iPhone’s auto brightness keeps changing the brightness usually brighter even though sometimes i would be in a dimmed room. Its annoying!

  11. Avin Plays

    Thanks for the tip Ios 12 for now drain bit fast 100 too 95 after 30min this never happen in ios 11.3.1 its drain 97evey 30min only slowdown my phone is still brand new

  12. Marc Guima

    Why a lot of people got problems with their phone batteries ??
    Just put to charge all night, no interruptions and in the morning you will have ? % battery that will last you the whole day. Once in a while let it go all the way down close to zero and just charge up WITHOUT INTERRUPTION!
    You will never have any battery problems.


    Hello Aaron my man. I use android and these tips will be helpful as well. I'm always looking at ways to save battery. I'm loving that note I can get a good day use out of the battery. Awesome video as always good buddy.
    Your ole pal jerald

  14. Marshall Fox

    I’ve noticed that when the Bluetooth icon in Notification Center is white/ off (on in the background tho?), it still connects to my Apple Watch series 4 as it would do if the Bluetooth icon was blue/ on. But then the Bluetooth doesn’t connect to my car radio unless the icon is blue/ on. I wonder why is that? Thanks

  15. Bryan Berlin

    Thanks again for another very informative useful video. Apple Aaron is a free agent lets pick him up. Is your 2017 X phone still showing 100%battery life i'm at 96%.

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