iOS 12 BETA On iPHONE SE! (Review)

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iOS 12 beta 1 just got released so lets see how it runs on your iPhone!

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44 Replies to “iOS 12 BETA On iPHONE SE! (Review)”

  1. Worm

    I recently got the iPhone SE even though I could get a 7 or 8. I got the SE because it's a great compact little phone and it works great.

  2. Gagan Singh

    M on se with 11.4 . 1 but from the time 12 rolled out i haven’ t even upgraded yet and i have to charge my phone 3 times a day … whats going on my battery health came down from 98 to 94 in a week ?? Shall ios 12 make it better or worse ? Need help..

  3. David Figueroa

    I went from a Samsung A5 (2016) to a iPhone SE 32gb, I mean is not the most powerful phone on earth but for the price I got it, its definitely a fucking really good deal. Yeah the battery is a chunk smaller and it will be somewhat affected by the update, but Im used to carry a powerbank so everything is fineeeeeeeeeee.

  4. Jose Flores

    Pretty bad review. Do not disturb and status bar icon setting has been there since iOS 9. Not much an iOS 12 review if you’re dwelling on old features.

  5. time engineer

    Well. No point upgrading. Won't Use any of those features. I've seen a video staying it's going to ruin the use-ability of ALL iPads. Ios12 thinks they are iPhones.

  6. Mama Bear

    That's probably one of the biggest annoyances I have. The damn bluetooth/wifi/cellular data toggle. It's a pain to go through all that to turn it off.

  7. sr pablo

    one week with iOS 12 and battery drain is close to 11.4 – unacceptable. and I just noticed considerable lens distortion on both rear and front cameras

  8. Sav.D

    Battery life is a problem with the beta for now. I rolled back to 11.4 and battery still seems weird, but better. I’d suggest to wait for the stable or install on an extra iPhone/IPad. I also read that the beta versions being unstable could do more damage to your battery.

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