iOS 12 beta speed test on an old iPhone

Apple claims iOS 12 offers significant performance improvements over iOS 11 — so we tested it on the elderly iPhone 5S.

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30 Replies to “iOS 12 beta speed test on an old iPhone”

  1. iPhone Guy

    No no no no no this is all bs.
    ios 12 beta sucks right now and it’s the first beta that I’ve ever removed early and from multiple devices at that.It’s laggy,buggy and glitches too often.On my iPad 5th gen it would constantly freeze when using the app switcher and also returning home sometimes would cause a picture in picture glitch.
    It was alot worse on my iPhone X tho my God.

  2. Zac Wong

    New improvements brings new battery issue, new camera issue, new speed issue. I got a 6s, not gonna buy another iPhone, what is stability when every time there's an issue for every new update? Btw Siri is still shit

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