iOS 12 Explained

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What’s new and interesting in the newest operating system for iPhones and iPads?

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43 Replies to “iOS 12 Explained”

  1. Carprincess

    Thank you for the review! This helps a lot since I am never sure what the updates are and if my phone (iPhone 6) will still be getting support or not.

  2. Ozgur Sen

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.3.3 and after trying out the iOS 11 I had to go back.

    iOS 12 a little better than iOS 11 in battery but it is definitely not as optimized as iOS 10 that the phone originally came with.

  3. Holy Potato

    Using ip 8+ , am i the only one who thinks that the display got a little compromised or something . Idk if its just me but i think the colors werent as vibrant as before . :/

  4. Talik

    I love his little jabs at sharing your info with Apple as if it's any different than the other tech companies. Oh wait, it is different. Apple doesn't collect and sell your data.

  5. rami nakat

    you don't have to joke after every segment. Especially when your jokes are too geeky and i don't think the 336 000 viewers appreciate them. ukh

  6. Herbin12

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