iOS 12 iMessage Bug – Messages sending to wrong contact

**UPDATED 10.10.2018**

This issues appears to be fixed in iOS update version 12.0.1


There appears to be a major bug in iOS 12 with a few users reporting the same issue. Messages aren’t always sent to those intended as hopefully this video shows!!

It would appear to be an issue where more than one person is linked to a Apple ID like my kids and My wife are.

The message gets confused and sends to the last person you messaged.

If I delete all the messages each time after I send then new massages go through to the person intended!

24 Replies to “iOS 12 iMessage Bug – Messages sending to wrong contact”

  1. John Sundberg

    Same issue … (seems since 12.0) … however my daughter who has not updated — has the issue too. So … we have the issue on 6 family phones. All have their own appleId … ios 12.0.1 did not fix. Spend 30 min with apple support … didnt get anywhere … had to drop 🙁

  2. Morgan Nace

    Same problem here and I don’t share my Apple ID with anyone. It mixes up texts between my mom and dad. And boyfriend and his brother. It’s been really pissing me off and I hope apple fixes it soon. I called them yesterday and they said to back up my phone. Delete everything off of it and restore it. And then restore my phone from the back up and it’s still there and does the same thing. I asked before I hung up if what happens if deleting everything off of my phone doesn’t work and they said it might be a hardware thing like something is wrong with just my phone. But no apple THATS NOT THE CASE. They better fix this soon or I’m gonna call back or go to the apple store to see what they say.

  3. Dark Helmet

    I dont share iCloud and am having this issue. It's fucking frustrating. I thought I was texting my friend and it showed up that thay were being received by my uncle. Dafuq?!

  4. Adam Rose

    Delete the conversation thread that is having the issue. Then text the two people that the issue was occurring with and it should be fixed.

  5. iMessage Issue Guy

    Since this comment thread is fairly new: I am having the same issue on my iPhone 8. My situation is unique as I got my parents' devices onto separate Apple IDs, but the issue is still occurring on my end basically making it impossible to text them. I have a call scheduled with an Apple engineer tomorrow (I was escalated in chat to a senior and then scheduled with an engineer), so I will let anyone following this know the results of that call hopefully tomorrow. UPDATE: The fix is here:

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