iOS 12 – iPad Pro Overview

Here is a brief overview of iOS 12 running on my iPad Pro.

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Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I’ll see you, in the next video 🙂
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46 Replies to “iOS 12 – iPad Pro Overview”

  1. JohnnyZ Music is life

    How to take off date and time and battery life when your watching a video on Hulu when I watch a movie on iPad it pops up date time and battery life how take it off please make a video is it pops up on YouTube when I play a video from iTunes

  2. Tim Possible

    I am so glad that they separated the control center and the app switcher. It's much cleaner and doesn't disturb the size of your screen when you only want to change the brightness or volume or wifi toggles, etc.

  3. Prius Driver

    the super sad part of the ipad pro is its in the middle of no where. The screen is pretty much same as the mini but a lot less portable and much smaller than the 12.9 inch.

  4. Wale Adegorite

    This update for the iPad is basically hinting at the new pro models/refresh coming out later this year that will remove the home button. The gestures are similar to that of the iPhone X.

  5. Mike Cane

    Oh wow. That went by quickly. Is that the new Apple Books too? I noticed the icon said Books and not iBooks. PLEASE do a video featuring that too — with eBook and PDF testing.

  6. Alif MS

    The wifi, battery, bluetooth, date and time placement looks very cool tho…
    But the control center, heck no!!! The placement looks kinda weird… I hope it changed in the next beta…

  7. Nicksora

    Wallpaper please? I mean both the first one and the iOS 12 one too 🙂
    Great overview BTW, I personally like the new control center 😉

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