iOS 12 iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s !

Hey guys!
So both phones are running iOS 12 beta 1 here of course.
So this video i just wanted to show you if the gap between the 6 and the 6s did narrow with the said 50% faster performance on the 6 . Enjoy!

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  1. lifehackertips

    Clearly the 6 is too slow. Good to know. I have a 6 plus and 7 plus and the 6 plus is very slow compared to the 7 plus and I’ve been wondering should I pay a little and get the 6s or pay a lot and buy a XS. Seems clear 6s has a few more years in it

  2. Rogelio Hernandez

    I did see an improment with iOS 12 not just in this video but using my mother’s and my own iPhone. We both have the 8 plus both 64gb and she is running iOS 11.2.2 and I’m running iOS 12.1 mine is about 0.5-1.0 seconds faster than hers great job by apple.

  3. leon taylor

    I have iphone 6 been using is 10.1.1 never updated to ios 11 because I heard it slowed the iPhone 6 down so bad will upgrade to ios 12 maybe. I only use any phone for social media camera video taking calls etc so I don't need slit of power. I occasionally play games. pubg runs faster and smoother on my iphone 6 than dual core cpu and 1gb ram than it does on a samsung alpha with a octa core cpu and 2gb ram

  4. ElectronicTechGuy & Speakers

    Phone Tech Which iPhone sounds best on Bluetooth volume & headphone volume? Does the iPhone 6s & 6 sound exactly the same through headphones & Bluetooth as well as the iPhone 7, 8, & X sound exactly as the same as the iPhone 6 on Bluetooth mode volume & headphone? Lots are saying they’re all the same through the Bluetooth volume & headphone volume. Which one sounds the worst on Bluetooth volume & headphone volume. Do you think they all sound the same through the headphones & Bluetooth?

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