iOS 12 saved my iPhone 6..

How iOS 12 saved my iPhone 6.. (iPhone 6 iOS 12 Review)

I’ve been using my iPhone 6 on iOS 12 since it was released last week, and here is my review/experience with it.

I go over performance, battery life & more. The iPhone 6 in 2018 is still a usable phone, however there are better options if you’re looking to upgrade (like the iPhone 7/7 Plus).

Siri Shortcuts Tutorial:
Save Battery Life on iOS 12 (20+ Tips):
iOS 12 Final Review:
iPhone 6 vs iPhone XS SPEED Test:

Do you have iOS 12 on your iPhone 6? How’s it performing for you?

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33 Replies to “iOS 12 saved my iPhone 6..”

  1. Remus

    Hello, i want to update my iphone 6 to ios 12, currently i'm running ios 10.3.3…. if i want to downgrade again to ios 10 after update, will be that possible? SHSH blobs thing still works? Thank you!

  2. Steven Lamont Daniels

    Hi Brandon,
    My 6+ is working fine with IOS 12. Everything works smoothly, and some of the apps seem to work faster. The split screen is handy sometimes. I just ordered a discounted Xs Max so I can enjoy the larger screen.
    Thanks for all of the information!

  3. enrixeee O

    I bought this phone in 2014 and used it until the 7 came out and I juss threw this phone in my drawer and left it there until today when I came back to it I was like on iOS 9 and omg the difference is huge time really does fly

  4. Filipinoman56

    iOS 12 is good on my iPhone SE but I was surprised when it worked it will with my iPhone 6. I have an iPhone 7 plus as my daily driver and the iPhone 6 is not far behind with performance. I like it

  5. Laq M

    I can tell it’s much snappier. Battery health is at 93 on this. Not bad although I had very few probs on iOS 11 for the most part. I just upgraded to iOS 12 so I’ll have to see how it goes…

  6. Flo XD


  7. KerriganOG

    im pretty sure 10.3.3 is much better than 12 performance wise.I notice on ios 12 that phone is a bit slower,i recently updated and im regreting it

  8. Albertus Alves

    hello i'm iPhone6 user and i stay with ios 10.3.3 because most people say that its the best ios for iPhone6.

    can u make some comparison between ios10 & ios12 run on iPhone6 ? should i go for ios12 or stay with the best ios for iPhone6 (10.3.3) ?

    please reply some answers for me. thanks

  9. dave smith

    just updated my old iPhone6,i don't run any game apps,just the basics like bank, weather,stocks.etc.i am 69 yrs old, don't need the bullshit, use iheart on a wonderboom, that's about it. the old 6 runs like a raped bugs so far.

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