iOS 12 Shortcuts App: Walkthrough & Creating Your First Siri Shortcut!

iOS 12 Shortcuts App Tutorial: Creating Your First Custom Siri Shortcut | How to Use Siri Shortcuts App in iOS 12

Shortcuts is one of the best new features in iOS 12 and in this video, I’ll be walking through the application. You’ll learn how it works, how to create a custom Siri Shortcut and more!

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50 Replies to “iOS 12 Shortcuts App: Walkthrough & Creating Your First Siri Shortcut!”

  1. Jeffrey Koenig

    Trouble with Siri SCs is I and a lot of people don’t use Apple services so Short Cuts can’t use other services like Play Music for instance. For me, I’m not going to switch to Apple Music Services just so I can use these short cuts.

  2. Aepek

    Thanks for this…as was confused as to what this is & does… I know. Your just creating macros to run on iOS. Now it’s easy for me, lol.

  3. Michael Trader

    I also have a question regarding my iPhone XS Max and Bluetooth. My phones blue tooth was working fine up until a couple weeks with my blue tooth connecting to my car, my AirPod pretty much any Bluetooth device. Example with my car if I lay the phone on my dashboard it will stay connected. Then if I lay the phone on my lap it disconnects. My 2 daughters have the same phone and they do not have the issue. I erased everything and reinstalled from iCloud and iTunes and it didn’t fix the issue. Wondering if you had any thoughts?

  4. Robin George

    One of the important shortcut I found that would be useful to integrate in the widget was Turning of Bluetooth and Wifi after Airdrop instead of going to settings and then turning it off… I found it very useful making that…I am so relieved now… one click in the widget and your wifi and bluetooth goes off … thanks Brandon… I also made the same as you used "taking off" and "landing" as well…

  5. txbraveheart

    Brandon. I love all the content you have created which is incredibly helpful, but take a breath. From an educational viewpoint you start off the video without telling your audience to download the shortcut app and skip through it so fast. I bet I am not the only one that needs to go to other videos to watch how to actually do some of the tasks before coming back to your video. As I said in the opening, I love the content but you could save us all time if you went a little slower and included all the steps…

  6. Wassim Zreik

    Hi Brandon… you are super clear and organized in delivering the video… keep it up… quick one is the a way to have the show alert action run at a specific time each day or there is no other way that I have to ask Siri to run it or press the shortcut button

  7. Christophe Gautier

    Hi Brandon, Firstly I need to say that I find your instructional videos relating to Siri / Apple Shortcuts very interesting, easy to follow and well put together.

    I have recently been diagnosed with Aspergers; so I have done some research to find out more about this condition as well as assist others if I can. So, I have found a group which assist people on the Autism Spectrum to do workshops that may lead to employment opportunities;

    I have been invited to participate in a new program which in collaboration with a local company and the support of apple with donated iPads… are working on building Shortcuts for better Accessibility for those with the following conditions:

    * Vision Impaired
    * Hearing Impaired
    * Physical & Motor Skills
    * Learning & Literacy
    * Cognitive (Autism, Non Verbal etc.)

    I would really appreciate your's and anyone else's assistance with this task, by either pointing me in the direction/sharing of exisiting Shortcuts or Building them for those who could benefit.

    An important note, is… this workshop is only for this week (1 week, ending 1 March 2019) So, if you are able to provide assistance within the next couple of days… so I can share this with the group… it would be greatly appreciated.

  8. lemon basil

    Hi, thank you for sharing this tutorial. Can I know time in Australia By just saying the word “Sydney” please? My Son lives there and it would be much easier to use a shortcut for this. I downloaded the App Shortcuts, and I’m trying to create a shortcut for ( world clock) but no success because it won’t show in search box.

  9. Alex F

    Hi. So I try to do the calculation, kinda failed ?. I did everything you did but in my phone it doesn’t work correctly. Any help?

  10. Tony Liu

    Hey man very nice video and useful. great video by-the-way ! 🙂

    Oh anyway, can I seek your advice in this open source android app I have posted below? I will be happy to get feedback about this app. Greatly appreciate!…

    http :// bit. ly/2TGCU1T

    Sorry about the url having spaces in between because Youtube don't allow me to place url or anything related to Google Play url.. they are somehow hidden by Youtube =( As such this is a shortened url to avoid this issue. Will appreciate if i could trouble you to remove the spaces to access this url which will forward to google play store.

    Looking-forward 🙂

  11. Gerard Thornton

    Is there a way to share a shortcut you've created with someone else?
    Also can you create homescreen links to websites with this?
    It's interesting and exciting,very similar to Tasker for Android. Great video!!

  12. bakayaro

    I have an Acura car. They have an app called Acura Link to start the car. I need to be able to bind Siri to this app so I can just tell Siri to start the car. This shortcuts app doesn't even recognize the app. Bummer 🙁

  13. kumbaga

    I've always had an android and just got my first iphone 2 days ago. I have a lot to learn and to adjust to. Most especially the shortcuts and customization of iOS that is driving me nuts. Seriously. I have to go to settings all the time to switch hotspot on and off? I can't add it to control center. Also I was scared that I'll destroy the physical home button and had to ask someone about the assistive. Also what are gesture spots for? Like oh my god…

  14. Kory Michaels

    Siri Shortcuts is essentially like Automator on the Mac. After playing with it for about 2 hours I concluded it's pretty useless without hooks into other apps. Like Automator, the user interface is unnecessarily cumbersome. I think it would be much easier to write macros for Siri, starting with the Trigger phrase and then making a list of commands Siri knows. For example:
    [Trigger, spoken by user] "Hey Siri, Good Morning."
    [Command Sequence, unspoken list of "Good Morning" Commands]
    Turn on the lights
    Speak "Good Morning, Kory"
    What's the weather forecast (Siri speaks weather forecast here)
    Lauch Bloomberg on SiriusXM
    Get directions to work {Siri pulls work address from Contacts and speaks traffic conditions here)
    Siri should be able to record these macros interactively too:  
    User: Siri, record a macro.
    Siri: Ready, what's the first command
    User: (Says first command)
    Siri: (Repeats command and confirms it understands it, give options to edit, delete or finish)
    User: (Says second command)
    Siri: (Repeats command and confirms it understands it, give options to edit, delete or finish)
    User: Finish
    Siri: (Confirms end of command set and asks if you want to try it or exit).
    Shortcuts is buggy too. On my test script, it performs correctly if you launch it manually from the app, but when you use the Siri trigger phrase it skips a step.

  15. Jenova Izq

    Awesome video man I'm getting my new iPhone and want to learn about Shortcut it looks good, you made me subscribe and looking forward to learn and see more content from you.

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