iOS 12 Should You Update on iPhone 6s ?

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22 Replies to “iOS 12 Should You Update on iPhone 6s ?”

  1. SG M

    Great video, just had Apple fit my new battery on iPhone 6s & have updated to iOS 12 and its super fast like a new iPhone loving it ? ps; if you haven’t had your battery changed for £25 at Apple store? Do it now because after December the offer ends and it will be £75

  2. Miriam R'kik

    my phone wont update and i dont know what to do it says download and install but when i press it nothing happens no matter how may times click it it does the exact same can someone help me

  3. John M

    Im unable to Airdrop anything from my iPhone to my Ipad or vice versa since updating to IOS 12. When I select the device on the Airdrop list it automatically says “Declined”. Was hoping that version12.0.1would fix the issue but it hasn’t. Ive tried several things to try and fix the issue but nothing is working. Never had this kind of issue before updating to IOS 12. I have an older iPhone (6) and an older iPad mini (2) so I wouldn’t know if this is an issue on newer devices but I sure would appreciate suggestions if you’ve had this problem.

  4. Josh

    6s user here . Battery life seems 25 percent worse even though I replaced 3 months ago , FaceTime ruined. No noticeable difference in performance from 11.4. To me it’s a fail ! I’m a big FaceTime user and FaceTime functionality in his version is horrible

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