iOS 12 Speed Test vs iOS 11: WOW!

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From my initial testing, iOS 12 beta 1 appears to be faster than iOS 11.4 (at least one the iPhone 8). The minor speed improvements I experienced in this video are likely amplified on older devices, so updating to iOS 12 this year will likely make your device faster rather than slower!

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28 Replies to “iOS 12 Speed Test vs iOS 11: WOW!”

  1. steffydog1

    Ha ha ha ha, bless you, "blowing my mind"? opening Facebook a fraction of a second faster, wow, really do need to put the phone down and get out more! Thanks anyway…

  2. Abisha Kumar

    Hey I was researching about the iOS 12 update since I needed to get GarageBand and the only way to download on an iOS 11 was to update but I can see that your iOS 11 phone also has GarageBand? May I ask how you got it?

  3. OCP Chan

    Thank you for unlocking the full potential back to normal after slowing down phones on purpose, Apple. This is not an improvement, its getting yourself out of trouble next time.

  4. Mohammad Aftab Alam

    Apple has slowed downiphone through ios 11 so that they can show ios 12 is faster…hahaha.

    Geekbench score is always fake for apple.
    See… without changing hardware there is noticeable difference btw score of ios 11 and ios 12.
    Only apple can fool tech world..

    Iphone x scores better than any android in geekbench and then get fucked by android in antutu badly..

    Apple has invented a new way to increase speed of their devices.
    First make them slow…..and then remove that slowness.

    Geekbench measures ios secret code….what score to be displayed at what time.

  5. KoSLoW27

    WOW incredible ios12 run 0,99999 seconde less than 11.4 XD ridiculous. The difference will be noticable for older device like iphone 6 or ipad air 1

  6. emilxert

    Anyone else noticed choppy home screen side scrolling on iOS 12 on iPhone 8, 8 Plus and maybe X?

    This video clearly shows that swiping to the next home screen has a micro lag almost every time

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