iOS 12 – Top 50 Features Wishlist

iOS 12 Features Apple MUST ADD! Top 50 iOS 12 Features We Want! This Was Not Easy To Make!

iOS 12 Rumors So Far:

iOS 12 Concept Material:

45 Replies to “iOS 12 – Top 50 Features Wishlist”

  1. zent

    This video is more like 50 ways to Transform your iPhone (6s-X) In to a Google Pixel 2
    Or how to put Android 8.1 on iPhones.


    โอ้ยทำได้สักทีโหมด 2 จอ ดีใจมาก เออแปลกมาปีนี้ อินเตอร์เฟสไม่เหมือนกันเลยคือดี iphonex เปิดวีดีโอจอเล็กแบบไอแพทได้แล้ว

  3. Hashmat Ali

    If everyone could send this video to apple feedback, maybe it'll inspire change. Spam their social media with this link until the ideas get stuck in their brain and cannot do anything else

  4. Boo

    There is a restricted mode on iPhone for iOS 11 if you go into settings and General there’s a option that says restrictions, and it will allow you to set up another password, and create restrictions for that password. So you can hide and lock apps from prying eyes. I’m surprised you never noticed that. I have a restricted mode password on my phone, and I give it to any person I trust or choose who asks to use my phone.

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