iOS 12 vs 11.4.1 FINAL Speed Test! Actually 2x Faster??

Ultimate iOS 12 vs iOS 11 Speed Test Comparison! iOS 12 vs 11.4.1 Faster? Startup, App Launching, Benchmarks on ALL iPhones.

iOS 12 FULL Review:

24 Replies to “iOS 12 vs 11.4.1 FINAL Speed Test! Actually 2x Faster??”

  1. Mrs. Jeon

    fyi, there are many people complaining about the ios 12, my classmate told me that her iphone 7 plus after she updated it, it'll only last an hour, so she told me if i don't want my phone lasts that long then i would have to stick up with ios 11

  2. João Miguel Costa

    Tests like this by YouTubers like this guy make no sense. They don’t use their smartphones for long periods. After 2 months max they put them away and never touch them.
    Brand new phones with no apps or use whatsoever.
    And talking about battery life is ridiculous when there’s no use of the smartphones.
    By the way on the older models if your battery is damaged by 20% or more the battery life will actually decrease with this upgrade

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