iOS 12 vs 11 – iPhone 5s Speed Test (ft. iOS 7)

Apple is known for being really good when it comes to software updates, in particular when it comes to older devices. They try to keep devices on the latest software for as long as possible. Usually with Apple you can expect 3-4 year old devices to be getting the latest firmware and after that they drop support. However, this year Apple outdid themselves by making sure that even the 5 YEAR OLD iPhone 5s also got the latest firmware.
This effectively means that the iPhone 5s will get updates for 6 years in total from it’s date of release, which is astonishing. No other smart phone company can make the same claim. Just to put things in perspective the Galaxy S4 was launched the same year as the iPhone 5s and it only got updates till the end of 2014! So that means that the S4 hasn’t received a major software upgrade in 4 years, despite being the same age as the iPhone 5s. That really puts things in perspective when you think about it.

iOS 12 claims to be optimized to run much smoother on older devices compared to iOS 11. So lets test out these claims with a speed test, and to make things more interesting lets also compare iOS 7 to iOS 12 on 2 different iPhone 5s’ to see what the difference is like 5 years later!



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