iOS 12 vs Android Pie – How Different Are They?

This is an in depth comparison between Apple and Android’s most recent operating system versions. Hopefully this video offers you a different perspective on the UI you aren’t as familiar with! AT THE END OF THE DAY (as I say 87 times in this video haha) both are more similar than you would think.

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  1. TSG Baird

    Does iOS have anything similar to google discover? If you don't know what Google discover is, it's when you scroll all the way to the left and it shows Google news/cards and a search bar at the top.

  2. theuser1045

    Android is so poorly programmed your seemingly “spec’d out phone” in 2019 will be woefully unusable after only a few incremental bloatware updates from the manufacturer or even a google update that they appear to release without any regression testing. Android is a mosh pit of swings and misses. There’s good reason why the general public treats android users like shit. You would only buy one if you couldn’t afford otherwise, or were too bitter to conform.

  3. Ron Price

    I use both as I have an iPad 2018 and a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I love both experiences. It's the best of both worlds. Great comparison video btw.

  4. Peanut Butter Jelly With A Baseball Bat

    I still prefer iOS.. such that the apps you mention like Apple Map and Pages (and other apps like Numbers and Keynote), you can replace them with Google Map, Google Doc, and such in App Store 😀 I know some people don’t even use Apple Map since you can get Google Map. As for Doc, Android has it but they can’t get page and other iOS apps.. while iOS can get apps that are in the Android market 😀
    In general, while android is more customizable (widgets, home screen, etc).. I find Apple home screen much easier to navigate. It might be because I used a Note in the past and did not touch the pen, widgets nor multitask.. I’m a very simple person. As long as the phone function as a device for call, multimedia consumption and help me get my stuff done then I’m good. Android usually has a lot of ram and stack in specs but the operate system isn’t optimized for all their phones so it can’t really be compare with iOS. Even when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 came out, it was still slower than an iPhone X.. 😀

  5. Ross MK

    You should’ve mentioned the music controls on iOS I think they are much better for Bluetooth devices, and music playback on the lock screen and control center compared to android. You can always use a slider to change volume, slide to skip past some of the song, or just the plain skip like on android devices with play and pause.

  6. Joshua Gascoyne

    The advantages of Android are customisability and choices, not only software choices but hardware and gadget choices. That’s because Android is open source but it also has open source problems. iOS is better optimised, has better support and updates, less fragmentation, etc. The only reason I use to use Android was because iPhones were lacking some necessary features like water and dust protection, OLED display, big.LITTLE CPUs, wireless charging, fast charging, made out of glass (better for heat and signal). However, iPhones have advanced super quick with features lately so the only thing separating them is the software which I’ve already explained why I prefer iOS. However, I’m definitely still a Windows user, I’m not willing to pay double the price for similar or slightly less performance and also sacrifice my ability to build a custom PC and even a custom laptop. Plus, Windows is closed source so doesn’t have many problems that Android has.

  7. from 0 to Ux

    I have until Friday to pick a phone and I can’t seem to choose, I have had an iPhone for so long and it always just works..and no,d their value when you want to sell them, I’m not against android but no real reason for me to get one other than just wanting to try something new..and I won’t be paying for high tier iPhone so I’m stuck with the xr and kinda bummed out about the thick bezels , my android in mind is P20 Pro any thoughts out there from people who switched off iOS recently

  8. Izzy Avilez

    I'm not sure if you experienced this but I do wish you talked about stability, bugs, and performance. There are noticeably more bugs with iOS, notification and UI glitches, and dropped frames everywhere. Android has its faults with crappy 3rd party app support etc, but I think that is one key difference between the two imo.

  9. sandeep giri

    There was a music going on throughout the video in the background and I was watching this video at 1:10 am . For a moment I thought there was someone in my room ??

  10. chad billy

    Good video to me Android is better overall i like how feature rich and capable it is compared to ios which has more limitations and is boring.

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