iOS 12: What You Should Know

New software is coming to your iPhones and iPads, and you should upgrade—especially if you have an older device. WSJ’s David Pierce explains the new things you’ll want to try on iOS 12.

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43 Replies to “iOS 12: What You Should Know”

  1. bill Lewis

    What a load of BS. siri i'm in the subway"?? I never go in the subway and if I did then who cares?? "Coffee time"??? FFS, there are 1000s of coffee shops on every corner, do you really need siri to tell you which one to go to?? Can a naked woman jump out of the phone and play with me?

  2. PythonWarrior

    I just updated yesterday and of course my battery draining faster ! And the library won’t sync unless I update my opd mac to last Mac OS ! I don’t want it ! Apple is really pissing me off ! Hate it ! I hate it ! I hate it ! Nein nein nein nein nein !

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