iOS 12 Will Fix EVERYTHING! Features Leak

iOS 12 Features Have Leaked! Exciting & Disappointing News.. But iOS 12 Will Fix Everything Wrong With iOS 11 Stability & Bug Wise.

iOS 12 Wishlist:

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44 Replies to “iOS 12 Will Fix EVERYTHING! Features Leak”

  1. Ded Man

    I mean it fixes allot of stuff including uploading videos on youtube but my muscle memory cant get used to the keyboard ios 11 had the numbers button in the left and emoji in the right they switched it around and made my typing shit.

  2. RWD4E Gaming Channel

    1.Ability to change icons from square to circle
    2. Enhanced UI
    3. Group FaceTime up to 20 people (perfect for meetings)
    4. Improved answers from Siri
    5. Set different styles of text like Android

  3. CrimsonRider

    I want to use two apps on a split screen, freedom do rearrange my apps as desired (not that magnetic bullshit) and widgets outside of the damn Notification Center !

  4. Sly D3vil

    I just got my iPhone X and it quits certain apps and is buggy. I’ve had it one week and I’m not 100% sure I made the right decision. I think Apple is behind in the phone department but I would like to see more stability in apps and more features that keep me interested and entertained in using a $1000 dollar phone. I choose to use my phone to do a lot of things so the more it can do the better.

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