iOS 13 – 13 TIPS & TRICKS!

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iOS 13 is now out! Here are 13 Tips & Tricks covering dark mode, the new volume hud, new gestures, swipe to type, silence unknown callers, grabbing the scroll bar, and more!

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44 Replies to “iOS 13 – 13 TIPS & TRICKS!”

  1. Audun Jemtland

    Thanks for a great video.

    Does the battery drain fast?
    On older models. I have iphone 6S

    It has done on mine since version 10. The compatibility has been neglected. Is it still neglected?


    GregsGadgets please, in settings, under swipe gestures, in a place where it said, required movement, below it, there are numbers that said, standard, 2x 4x 6x 8x. Those numbers, what do they mean?

    What is the differences between standard, 2x and 8x?

  3. Gino Guillermo

    Can you now set an MP3 song as a ringtone without use of iTunes, Garageband or PC? Can you wirelessly transfer files from PC to an iPhone or iPad without use of a paid or 1st-party app? Can you now keep your WiFi or Bluetooth turned off permanently?

  4. shailesh bansal

    Hey everyone its greg here, I’ve got yellow teeth 🦷, my breath stinks & I’m gonna fool u by telling the features of ios 13, referring to them as the tips and tricks…. boo yaa

  5. I Hate Living in Apartments

    I just upgraded from an iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 (LOL crazy right). but I noticed the camera on the new phone does weird stuff with skin tones like it does some artificial airbrushing and shadow boosting or something (similar to shooting VLOG with a DSLR). Is this something that can be turned off or should I look for a third party camera app or something??

  6. Marion Benzo

    Ok I don’t know if someone can help me I just got the iPhone 11 and everytime time I’m not active on my phone for a few minutes it goes on lock down (screen back) and I can’t do anything except to press on each volume button once and press until the Apple logo comes on but this really isn’t practical can someone tell me how to turn this function off please?

  7. Kenith Barron

    I’ve always had an Android… been using iPhone for 2 months and wow. I first had the 6 and 6s, then I went and got the 7 same week. Sold one and last both a couple weeks ago. I just got the X and omg, I’m a fan

  8. 18:09 am

    I’ve been trying to update to IOS 13 for a week now and everything goes well but towards the end it says “Software update failed” and “an error occurred” under it i restarted my phone a couple of times, made sure i have 5+ GB free and i dont have a good laptop to update via itunes

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