iOS 13: Apple Cutting Out Older iPhones!?


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iOS 13 should be coming it within a few weeks from now, the interesting thing is many reports are saying that older iPhones are effecting apples revenues, so they may or may not shorten the software lifespan of their phones!

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40 Replies to “iOS 13: Apple Cutting Out Older iPhones!?”

  1. Stevo

    i still have an iphone 4 ios version 7.1.2 owo will i be able to trade it for an iphone 7? no wait :d i guess the most recent ipod uwu

  2. Fuck Google

    I think iPhone 6 will get iOS 13, here's why. BUT it will be slower than iPhone 5s with iOS 12.
    -iPhone 5s supports 6 major iOS versions, so iPhone 6 just can't stay with only 5
    -The A8 chip is not much more powerful than the A7
    -Both have only 1GB RAM and I expect iOS 13 to be a heavy-duty software for these old iPhone's so it's going to use a lot of RAM

  3. adultmoshifan87

    I can’t believe it took me til late 2013 to upgrade from my 3GS! I was lucky to get iOS 6, had to negotiate quite a bit with my parents in order to get a new handset, as I couldn’t get iOS 7! Luckily, in December 2013, I got an iPhone 5 on clearance. However, the battery started going wrong just under a year later, but I held on another year and got an iPhone 6S in November 2015. Since October 2018 I am an iPhone XS user!

  4. Zero

    I have a iPhone 6 to be like the rest, I also have a moto x3 with a 2k display with a 808 processor that handles psp ps and Dreamcast games like a champ. Older phones have the capability to keep up with the updates, manufacturers Just want to milk you down when there’s no actual difference in phones now a days.

  5. Searra Ann

    They release their new phones waaaay too fast, they expect you to get the newest iPhone within a year to a year and a half. If they shorten the lifespan of an iPhone's function in updates/upgrades, a lot of people will not want it. The newest iPhone always will cost roughly $1000; if not, more. Who is willing to pay that yearly? I'd go for android if they are going to be THAT greedy for their money. I might pay at the most $300 for it, but please don't cut off the others just because you want more money. This company makes billions and that's not enough? They might as well try making a motorcycle and a vehicle that drves/rides by itself. Like autopilot, but the full version of it. (Although it defeats the purpose of driving lessons; but what if you want a truck, and you want to go places but you are too scared to drive because the thought of driving is stressful; what do you do? This would be useful for people with the anxiety of driving).

  6. Pagod naLolo

    The problem is simple alpaca is, you paid what you pay for, not helping because what apple like to do every year change you phone to the new version, always upgrade every year, tired of venting out, but nothing happens, so if they cutting out older phone, logic that means, buy a new one or stick with it, thats it. why dont you review the truth, make every one smarter that every one will understand, not viewing any more of your video, for what to gain money for the advertising, nah not stupid enough to fall for your crap, stupid

  7. john king

    if they take away support for my older iphone se i swear to god i will never use another apple product EVER in my lifetime. I will actually go out of my way to let everyone else know and do my best to persuade them to follow suit… These mother fuckers are taking advandtage of those who made them who they are.

  8. Sia

    Apple is indirectly saying: alright iphone 5 and 6 user, we have supported you all long enough..its time to take out your kidney and buy our new phone.

  9. Ian Cook

    Sales down 40%, if they do this they will fall even further, phones should be supported at least 5years and
    They should STOP bringing 2 phones per year out. I will stop buying Apple if they don’t do this, I have in my household
    An iPhone, se, and 2x 6s, 1 IPad mini, 1 Ipad, one Apple Watch and 2 iPods. Now, if they screw around I will drop ALL my
    Apple products, and I will be followed by many, they need to start listening to customers instead of screwing them.
    Remember Nokia, also Blackberry, they thought they had the market – how wrong. Customers have a choice, screw them
    At your peril. We have the power, you only have it because we give it to you.

  10. Imane Aichouni

    Man you have a lot of phones hhhhh???? are all of them your's that cool good for you ?like I have samsung 5 mini for like 3 year ??and it's wasn't NEw to begin ??with but I like how you present your videos and how you listen to you subscriber??? thanks a lot? hope some day I have money to change my phone keep the good work I am from morroco by the way love your videos?(sorry for my bad English it's not my first language?)

  11. Edward Davis

    This is how apple lose customers . I might just go back to Android cause they are taking the piss . It’s like they don’t care about people who can’t have enough money to buy a iPhone 7 and over

  12. Michael Gould

    As long as my iPhone SE gets iOS 13 and have dark mode I’m happy. I can’t stand the music Apple app that blinds you at night and now I’m using VOX as it’s dark mode and made really well.

  13. Ian Givens

    I totally agree about it being different for older iphones. Like how on the iphone 4s they made it not have the search next to the home screen. (Even tho that is a small feature it did affect 4s users. )

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