iOS 13: Features Confirmed By Apple!?


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WWDC dates have just been confirmed by Apple, so lets see what it could possibly being by looking at the invite!

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47 Replies to “iOS 13: Features Confirmed By Apple!?”

  1. Rifat Yakan

    Didn’t see any confirmation, it’s only some kind of interpretation. I wish YouTube put some kind of option to filter out the channels that we don’t want watch anymore!!

  2. meltingclub

    Recently Tim Cook said that they’re working on new products that will “blow your mind”. And I can see that blow your mind theme in all these animations.

  3. Raghavendra Aithal

    iOS main negative point is not allowed call recording option. Give me inbuilt auto call recorder and  i switch note9 from xs max or xs.
    Apple is mainly a manufactured phone focused on US consumers. And it is expensive for people of other countries. And it's not friendly in the way of the Android. Call recording will not be. True callar does not work in Apple on Android. Companies always have to make things in mind when people ask what they want. There is no law that people should say that they should take away what we gave you and give you the price we gave you. Apple has to get out of this kind of mindset. otherwise the days of Apple's history are not far off.

  4. Priffez

    Starting to feel like Apple you tubers need to relax a bit. This is very far from a confirmation of anything besides that the event is happening.

  5. Eric Koh

    So what was confirmed?? All I keep hearing is “I think so I think” who gives a fuck what you think. Videos like these should be taken down by YouTube for misinformation. What a shame.

  6. TheAutisticReactor

    Hey Alpaca My Name is Stephen iam Disabled and i have austism thought you should know i love the se because its cheap and still does everything A lot for people are still using iPhone 5 and 5s. People across are the world are still using iPhone 5/5s.
    Small size is handy. that the 4 inch device was indeed very handy to use. Especially while doing activities with your other hand like driving etc.The specs of the iPhone SE including it’s camera looks great. iPhone 6/6s had the best camera. Apple has bought that to iPhone 5se users.please chose me im in need of a new phone for my videos i do reaction so this will help that pls chose me i will be so greatfull Please let me win????Please let me win????Please let me win????Please let me win????Please let me win????#IPHONEGIVEAWAY

  7. Matthew Dunn

    You should probably write a script then do some research before creating a video. In the first 30 seconds you acknowledged that you didn’t remember or know what you were talking about. I’d stop calling your audience dude and try real hard next time to slow down, relax and know what you’re talking about. You can do so much better.

  8. Niklaus91

    Who cares about Animoji?? Come on guys!! We need more serious things from ios13! Changes on icons,multitasking and dark mode it would be very nice!

  9. ThatAussieGuy

    What a waste of time, YouTube storage usage and whatever this was filmed on. Do something real, not some clickbait piece of crap video that is clearly a lie. Nothing is confirmed and the very fact you have no idea what Metal is proves you know nothing. Why haven't you got an invite for WWDC? Because clearly it'd be a waste.

    Take your clickbait titles off and use real, informative titles. Never coming back to this channel, laters.

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