iOS 13 FINALLY fixes this, iOS 14/15 leaks & 12.2 beta 3 is great!

iOS 13 will FINALLY fix annoying volume HUD! iOS 14/15 sneak peak, iOS 12.2 beta 3 features recap, Samsung Galaxy Fold & 5G future! What a time to be alive!

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Galaxy S10 Hands On!:

Last Apple Leaks:

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‘Ultrasound’ is the Jailbreak Tweak for Volume HUD
Wallpaper on phone: Wallpaper Used:
Screensaver in vid:

46 Replies to “iOS 13 FINALLY fixes this, iOS 14/15 leaks & 12.2 beta 3 is great!”

  1. Blackangel5381

    I really appreciate the dark mode everything imessage, phonebook…etc i also want facebook in a dark mode also music, settings, itunes, apple store hope its all possible on ios 13

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  3. S R

    But how long does Apple need to prep a new product? Can they adapt fast enormous this year to compete with Samsung?

  4. Preston Meza

    Love how every year there SOOOOOO much new stuff going on in either the new phone or iOS. Then when the actual phone or iOS comes out, nope! Only 2 of the 20 new rumored features are on the actual iOS or phone. Lol. This is peeing on us and calling it rain. Exact definition of blue balls. Lol.

  5. josh treanor

    Apple are only just getting started first i’ll say that the se 2 will make a huge profit with its oled screen and the iphone will be doubled in speed when the iphone lx comes out

  6. Aaron Vannistelrooy

    You are talking like apple are always innovative lol

    Where is apples charge pad… let’s get real, oh hang on let’s charge you mega dollars tell you that wireless is the future but gives you head phones that plug in to your phone…
    when you pay 1800 Australian for a base 64gb phone, no apple care. Unbelievable. Lol

  7. Ahsan Ahmed

    The future will become monopoly market, and it's because Apple will integrate as you said interfaces and applications across all devices and the bigger picture to it is Apples Ecosystem will get bigger and bigger with more connectivity and devices. Dual SIM isn't just about convinence it's about control. Control how?
    Well mobiles need a carrier/plan attached if Apple can provide it's own carrier/plan service for its devices built in then most people will trust Apple to be a global dominant network and the need or want for other carriers will fade away and demand decreases and youve got no one but Apple.
    Interconnected systems and apps along side network domination.
    It's important to the eyes of Apple since they're tapping a new market where there is millions if not billions to make.
    The bigger picture isn't innovation it's control.
    Control brings profit, and profit is what Apple want. Innovation is slow, and purposely slow to delay and exist customers for longer.


    i always wanted an iphone but never had the money
    i saved for a year i bought the iphone xs
    man good phone but i was an android user for years and i wanted to make it look like as i want to but nope nothing just all the icons there right left
    i liked the built quality but the ui not that good so i sold it and bought the xiaomi mi 8 and a surface book … so happy with the chinese phone

  9. Billy Smith

    They did what? Oh you can finally use your own videos as live wallpapers on IOS like android? Oh wait haha, they would never let you customize like that.

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