iOS 13 LEAKED – Dark Mode is Coming!

iOS 13 – Leaks, Rumors & Everything We Know!
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46 Replies to “iOS 13 LEAKED – Dark Mode is Coming!”

  1. TheRealDamiani

    It only took Apple more the a decade to come out with dark mode. I guess they wanted to make sure they worked out all the bugs and worked properly before release. Smh lol

  2. Pier Paolo Ballotti

    If biggest feature of iOS 13 is "Dark mode"… Thats just will be really sad, there's a lot of change that iOS needs, like: real file manager ( at least for ipads, they need this to be considered a "Real" laptop replacement) , Total UI refresh (specially Home Screen, with that outdated Grid of apps), and more open sandboxes between apps for better communication, itunes free dependance, better notification systems, etc.

  3. TheJellyBrainJuice

    I’d say the iOS 13 update would be next to useless if it doesn’t come with a rehashed file manager. As of now the file manager on my apple devices is my single biggest gripe. I can do without an always on display or a dark mode.

  4. Randall Huleva

    I’m not sure if this falls under interface redesign, file management or just simply UX, but would it be a huge problem to have NESTED app folders throughout the interface?

    Great. I can put all games in a GAMES folder! But why can’t I further sub-organize within the GAMES folder?

    This isn’t rocket science.

  5. Scott Free

    IOS 7 Is still ugly and the pastel colors need to go, Apple are really dumb, reminds of the story about the guy who decided to sell food at stadiums at normal prices….Apple could do sooo much better.

  6. Michael Lusk

    Hi. I am on Instagram, following a few woodworkers, ANY way, I followed your link, and now following you on there. However, I can’t find the pic for entering the giveaway. Can you help me out please?

  7. Wessex Tubas

    The main thing I want in iOS 13 is tabs in apps beyond Safari (such as Pages and Numbers) on the iPad Pro. That would be hugely beneficial to me when working.

  8. Mugesh

    This sucks. Especially, we iOS users have to wait for a simple dark mode for a longer time.. calling it the one of the major feature of iOS 13..

  9. Prit Vlogs

    Boy! To be honest I am waiting for ios 13 release and if the release comes as expected, then I would love to stick with apple because trust me Apple has being promising us with new features but is very old to a new world in 2019 and if 2019 is a big year for them let’s see if they are making it worth it and of course the money we spend on Apple products but I am sure Apple won’t implement much changes, I am planning to switch to android after watching the Ios 13 release and also wilo say don’t get fooled Apple isn’t as it was earlier switch to Android

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