iOS 13 Preview: MY Take On New Features + Answering YOUR Questions

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iOS 13 is coming soon. We have a decent idea of some features we can reasonably expect and I’ll talk about them here as well as answering your iOS 13 questions!

The MacRumors article shown in the vid:

Time Stamps:
0:33 – iOS 13 Dark Mode
2:15 – Improved iPad Multitasking (FINALLY!)
3:49 – Redesigned Home Screens
4:34 – Revamped Files App
5:22 – New Gestures
5:55 – Updated Volume HUD
6:19 – Updated Mail App
7:25 – More Cross Platform Apps
8:02 – New Emoji
8:12 – Apple’s New Tile Tracker Killer
9:27 – New Fonts
10:03 – Mobile Safari Loading Desktop Sites Automatically
10:44 – Live Photos Update
11:23 – Redesigned Reminders App
12:08 – Hey Siri Update
12:46 – Answering Your iOS 13 Questions

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29 Replies to “iOS 13 Preview: MY Take On New Features + Answering YOUR Questions”

  1. Merli Ortega

    I wish that they would have apple off-line maps for those that don’t use the Internet while they’re online to use 400M or making plans and traveling and how to get there without the Internet

  2. Greg Atchison


    I’ve been watching your videos for the past couple of weeks, but is this the first time I’ve see you highlight scripture. In any case, I appreciate it and share your faith. I look forward to seeing another review of the Brydge keyboard. I’m looking forward to getting mine 12.9 keyboard in a week or so. I’m hoping that iOS 13 truly has mouse functionality.

  3. G Bol

    iOS 13 needs to get a better way to customize the home screens individually: e.g. different colors background for each screen and/or titles plus a decent file mamagement system ans usb-c support.
    (great shirt btw.!)

  4. Xabier Landa

    Hi Chris, let’s talk about iOS 13, maybe you work in beta testers, my question is about camera app, that square view, keeping to see the hole screen, and make miserable not one talk about it, many other phone companies, and you use your camera you had all screen, and flash and other tricks can be gray area o translucent, do you know if anyone know anything about this …please, I appreciate your answer

  5. Joseph Rodriguez

    You can actually use external device with 2018 at their pros by buying razz power adapter for USB see you can also buy an external SSD in that will work with their own apparatus

  6. JO

    That verse on its own is fine, but it's from a chapter regularly quoted by homophobes. It's the one part of the vid that left me a bit queasy.

  7. Tarik Styles

    Honestly when it comes to dark mode I think it should act sort of the same way it does on Xbox. Where at a certain time in the day it’ll switch to dark and then in the morning back to light. THAT would be pretty cool

  8. mcponce

    Hey Chris love the vids. Thank you! Sorry if this is old news to you but have you tried spark? Great system for separating important from mass emails etc. Also separates different email addresses in 1 interface fairly cleanly(if that’s a word lol). Keep up the great work!!!

  9. Jason Reynolds

    I am hearing people saying that everyone hates the current file app. I find it to be just fine. So I am interested in hearing what peoples issue is with the current file app

  10. wohfab

    Would be awesome, if the font management means, we can add all the fonts we like, and use them everywhere. So instead of putting them into procreate, you put them into iOS and use them not only on procreate, but also on every other app.

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