iOS 13 Release Date, Wishlist & More

Every year Apple releases a new major version of iOS and this year is no exception with iOS 13 So in this video i share with you guys my thoughts on the expected release date for the first beta as well as some of my Wishlist features for iOS 13



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46 Replies to “iOS 13 Release Date, Wishlist & More”

  1. Shawn Murphy

    I want iPod touch to stay supported with iOS 13 but that will not happen because iPod touch is as fast as a iPhone 5S. I have no money to afford an iPhone or even a phone.

  2. MrRecon93

    A game mode for phonecalls. I hate when im playing a game and my whole screen gets taken up by the info for the incoming phone call. Also happens when you have low battery.

  3. Pranav Kulkarni

    Maybe dark mode that too partially, but we will never get Split screen. It has been for so long on android os and if apple really wanted to implement it on iPhone they would have done that years ago.

  4. Craxy

    A better way to manage your battery. Ultra Battery Saving Mode, Dark Mode, Different Design/Wallpapers, Improved Camera, Redesigned Icons, etc.


    Offline Siri! And it doesn’t have to be able to do EVERYTHING that it can online, just some device control and the ability to open apps, etc… And DEFINITELY dark mode! Everyone has been begging for it for years! Come on Apple, you can do better

  6. Kevin Davis

    Maybe I'll be able to place my icons down low, where you can actually reach them on a gigantic f'ing phone. Common sense USB C to match Macs and iPads. A real dark mode? Control center, swipe up from the bottom right, where you can reach it.

    A fast charger WILL actually fit in the box, and stop removing dongles that you create the need for.

  7. Mrs. Angelique Henry

    Apple doesn’t pay close attention to what their consumers truly want. Instead they put out what they assume would be necessary! I doubt iOS 13 would be any different. Just my opinion!

  8. Alex C

    Good catch on dismissing phone calls!! I have been wanting that forever too. Also would be great if an incoming call didn’t take up the entire screen and fully interrupt what you were doing. Just have it come in as a bar at the top – like Android has been doing it for years so you can keep watching your video or browsing

  9. Maicho

    With the current down turn in their sales, Apple needs to be much more serious about delivering in the next iOS a major overhaul in the aesthetics, core functions and greater UI intuitiveness if they want to keep wowing customers and keep their loyalty! I for one will be one of them to spend my hard-earned cash on their great products, but only if they deliver.

  10. iPhone Fanatic

    I do think Apple should reorganize the gestures for launching control center and stuff.. Apple should take note on what Samsung is doing with their new software UI making things more easier to use with one handed since we now have bigger phones..

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