iOS 13 – Supported Devices

As iOS 13 Beta 1 quickly approaches on June 3 at wwdc 2019 so in this video i give you guys my insight on which devices I believe will be supported with a iOS 13


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41 Replies to “iOS 13 – Supported Devices”

  1. Matthew Jackson

    Can someone tell me why the iPhone 6 won’t get iOS 13 besides the fact it has 1gb of memory it’ll get iOS 13 I promise Apple wouldn’t sway away from there update scheme

  2. Nahida Akter

    Hi bro i am your big fan i have so much trouble with my iphone se. after upgrading ios 12.1.4 to 12.2 on my iphone se fingerprint not working when i want to set up my touch id its showing "unable to activate touch id on this iphone". Please help me how can i get my touch id or fix it. Please

  3. Mr Noll

    Even if your device isn't supported you're not really missing out. It's just going to be a few things added but overall its going to be just another version like the last.

  4. farha mohd

    Apple : behold..its ios 13 on its way!!

    Cydia : so? (while eating popcorn).

    Sileo : Chill mate, let them celebrate. They'll catch us up for the next 5 years…

    Me : saving my shsh blobs.

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