iOS 13: The Nerdy Stuff

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Just when you think it’s safe to hit pub on your iOS 13 breakdown, that Gui Rambo from 9to5Mac goes and spills another full set of spoilers. This one is a little different, though. A little nerdier. A little geekier. A little more from the developer side than the user side, though we can still suss a lot of great user stuff from it.



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50 Replies to “iOS 13: The Nerdy Stuff”

  1. Reiden Lightman

    I have never seen a video from you before, so you intro is that I should subscribe? I don’t fucking know if I like your potentially shitty videos. Fuck this practice. Thumbs down, don’t ever fucking ask people to sub before they’ve even seen your shit.

  2. oggy jack

    Just 3 things needed.
    *Mouse support
    *Full File System(Accessibility to files via different apps)
    *Support for all USB devices for transfer of all the supported files.

  3. Jessica Bruno

    I really really want to see mouse support for the iPad, I use Apple products primarily for the accessibility features, I am using speech to text to dictate this comment right now on my iPhone. For people with limited hand movement or other disability is that hinder us using touchscreens the mouse is a lifesaver and being able to use it with something other than a laptop or desktop etc. would frankly change my life. (Sure, I could use it with android but then I would have to sell my soul to Google! And Their speech to text is rubbish…)

  4. Captain Ahab

    this is always good stuff — but

    Android was doing intents for a long time and that AR sound, BOSE newest QC headsets are doing some as well. but if they open up more customization for my iPhone, I'd be so happy.

  5. Wenzel Massag

    Here in Europe, there are literally – and I'm not making this up – hundreds of NFC/RFID enabled cards for charging an electric car. I really wish iPhones had the ability to clone those or to enable their companion apps to emulate those NFC and RFID chip cards so I can stop carrying them around. Just like ApplePay, but much simpler, as those cards are not secure and don't have to be.

  6. RickyAlake

    I’m excited but therefore really afraid. We pump up the hype further and further that the reality that will be unveiled on June 3th might be disappointing.

  7. Michel Morrissette

    The mouse, and to some extent, its cousin the trackpad, are nearing 40 and 50 year old technologies. Mice and trackpads are so “Old School” and a “crutch” coming back to iPad for those “Old Schoolers” who can't or won’t deal with or embrace new ways of doing things. Some one with vision, and perhaps at this point with a less than visionary Tim Cook in control, NOT Apple, needs to come up with 21st century, common input devices that equal surpass that of 50 year old mice and trcakpad technology.
    Most iPad users didn't want to expend or make the effort to learn and use Apple’s software, virtual keyboard. That is why there is a whole industry dedicated to Bluetooth wireless keyboards and why Apple five years later acquiesced to making their own keyboard for iPads/iPad Pros.
    Enough with creating forward thinking devices that still need to be used with decades old technologies, already.

  8. Craig's Tech Talk

    I hope we see harddrive support that will allow us to transfer media to files. It would be nice to edit videos without needing to through photos. Another great video. Thanks Rene.

  9. Kaysha

    A lot of small details need to be ironed too. Like all the damn different edit options for a photo. I should be able to edit in any app from the photo itself. But most photo editors I got to open from their app

  10. JP V

    Guys u should know that the next big year is going to be 2020. Get ready that year for iMac redesign with Face ID and smaller bezels, iPhones with smaller notches, and possibly AR Glasses, however chances are that AR Glasses will not be released to consumers until 2022 at the earliest. Anyway do not expect anything huge or super exciting/revolutionary for 2019

  11. Trent Randel

    Good content again. AR is really exciting from heath, education, engineering to entertainment the possibilities are almost endless. So I'd love to seena more in deepth analysis and your views on this.

  12. Rawkfist1501

    Hey dude i love your content and information. You have a lot of good insight and perspective. My only tip is to try to act more like you're talking to someone rather than reading a cue for a camera. Just slow down a touch and act like youre explaining it to a spouse or friend to give a less formal and more familial presence and i think you will be one of the top tier tech you tubers out there.

  13. Rawkfist1501

    They need to add support for homepod in homekit to do something. I would love for HomePod to be triggered by a an automated trigger like a motion sensor.

  14. Chris Kallias

    Siri is laughably bad at the moment… so my excitement about improvement doesn't set the bar very high. It hasn't done anything really better since its inception. Except it's listening to you on your watch and keeps bugging you thinking you're talking to it when you're talking with real people. Just my 2 cents.

  15. Maria Elena Cabrera

    Thank you Rene. Your work is outstanding! Don't listen to the trolls.
    I am really looking forward to WWDC this year. I would like to see many changes in iOS 13 but….. Apple please, please, please let me organize the icons, please Apple! I want to see my wallpaper.

  16. michael8117

    Apple, Apple, Apple, please minimize the stupid volume animation. Apple could make it 1/4 the size it is now and move it to the top or side of the screen. Also make the animation a darker color.
    We know we are changing the volume, we don’t need it to take up that much room on the display.

  17. 3D Touch Calibration

    Snapchat added haptic feedback for the new viewfinder level, and it's aggravating as hell for me. Hopefully the Taptic API allows developers to give users the ability to enable or disable such haptics.

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