iOS 13 vs Android 10 | Darkmode + Gestures Comparison

Android 10 was just launched and I decided to install it on my Pixel 3a XL to see what all the hype is about! With a new dark mode and navigation gestures I had to compare it to Apple’s iOS 13 on my iPhone XS Max to see how they stack up.

In this video I compare the quality of the dark modes found in these operating systems as well as the new navigation gestures Google implemented to Apple’s established gestures that came with the launch of iPhone X

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  1. Dennis Furlan

    To me, the back swipe is one of the best navigation features. I use it all the time on my newly installed One UI 2.0 on my Galaxy S9, but a couple of things. First, I use swiping from the right to go back, but I also use Samsung's edge panel on the right side. So, I've positioned the latter higher on the right side, and I have to be mindful of the two different swipes. Also, the back swipe sometimes interferes with the keyboard when that's visible. So, I have to be careful of positioning for that, too, and have the hide button available on the keyboard as well.

    Like most things Samsung, it can be more complex. But, if you can make it work, I think you get a better and more customized experience than with an iPhone. That's just my opinion.

  2. Hendrik

    Why is the gesture control navigation bar so small on some Android devices with Android 10? I also have Android 10, but the bar is completely long for me. It doesn't bother me, but I just want to know why.

  3. Bryan S

    Instagram looks horrible when in dark mode on Android 10. The pitch black on Instagram is an eye sore…I think Instagram works better with a white background, so perhaps a gray background instead of pitch black would work better.

  4. Unmesh Shah

    Ur absolutely wrong , Google roll out dark theme for play Store as well as Google Chrome too , just i guess u don't know how to activate that. Bcoz i personally using the dark theme on both devices pixel 2xl as well as iphone x

  5. Sudhanshu Singh

    I find the gestures on both the UI's as infuriating. I have excessively sweaty hands which are the enemies of gestures. Buttons were good, that's why I like the fact that Android still provides an option for them (especially the One UI).

  6. Antonio-Marian Galu

    well, this video is just a bit outdated. today, with all the apps up to date, you get dark mode on automatically in almost all the Google apps including play store, chrome and Gmail with the toggle switch in android 10

  7. Tristen Vukelich

    my biggest problem with android is the fucking keyboard theme. it looks like gabage when an app is dark and they damn keyboard for some cant adapt?? I use gboard on my iphone and it does, but it doesn't have the same function of a fucking google phone? such a joke

  8. TitanElectrons

    For Chrome, you can enable dark mode by going to chrome://flags and searching dark mode. You should enable the three options which appear. Restart Chrome and go to settings. There will be a new setting called themes. You can now enable dark mode.

  9. Ulimuli

    The gestures actually originated in WebOS / Palm Pre, many years ago. It's not just Google that copied them, Apple did that, too.

  10. Ti Kay

    Android is basically all you can eat restaurant or foodcourt, you can choose any type of food you like it's a lot of variants there is a cheap one and there is a bit pricey one…
    iOS in other hand is a fancy restaurant with specific menu in it, you just can only choose in-house menu

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