iOS 14 Privacy Features DESTROY Android Completely!

Apple revealed the brand new iOS 14 update and while most of its new home screen changes, widgets and more are inspired by Android, it also brings privacy features that are next level and something Android truly lacks.

In this video, we take a look at the new iOS 14 privacy features and compare it to Android 11.

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38 Replies to “iOS 14 Privacy Features DESTROY Android Completely!”

  1. Beebom

    If you liked what you saw, consider sharing it with the 'Android fanboys' for you know, a broader discussion aka debate aka bloodbath 🤣😂 🙈

  2. Robert Daniels

    If you really want privacy don't use any company's product it's simple , all eggs in one basket will break together. Apple is just using "privacy" term for marketing and youtubers like you no offense lack knowledge and spread fake or misleading information😑

  3. Killertiger Gaming

    As cool as these features are they don't have most features i want app store to restrictive can't download some apps like new pipe or can't get apks from sites. Plus i can install a custom rom like lineage os so i know apple or google aren't spying on me.

  4. Gringo_production

    i dont know how many of you are realy using the phone i mean all the things not just taking photos or videos for tik tok if you browse a little bit and android phone haz lotst of privacy settings too you cand enable or disable them or use it when u use a specific app but anyway this thing is new for the isheeps 😁

  5. TimTaylor

    Hehe iOS that os that collect all mac adresses in a connected Network and send it to apple servers 😄. With this data they could easy do a moving profile and find out when u are at friends or other places 😉.

  6. Chris C.

    been a jailbreak user for quite some time and I am running an outdated ios version. I'm going to have to update now to the latest version. IOS is just getting too good in terms of privacy

  7. Cris Din

    There's always a conflict of interest tho.
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  8. Louis Warren

    I have most of these on lineage os features on lineage os? And I can switch off all sensors on my phone whenever I want, so apple doesn't always trump android. Sure standard android isn't nearly as privacy focused, but android is customizable and if you know what you are doing then your security and privacy can be much better than ios

  9. Marco Flores

    This youtuber doesn't know how to activate developer mode in an android phone, here you can do anything, even killer switch. You cant escape wifi probing, shadow profiling, google statistics, bluetooth probing, browser fingerprint, etc. No matter what you choose, android and ios aren't secure at all… Even the fake wifi address is always the same in ios lol, even if you change rhat address the fingerprint is the same lol.

  10. JD Mac

    Nah. I had both. Apple iOS is way to restrictive. You can’t put an app where you want it. You have to pay for every ringtone. I’m not going to hook up my phone to a computer , download iTunes and all that crap for 30’sec ringtone. Buuut Android is not the best. To turn off notifications from a app is like trying to take a test So many damn steps. And also if you download a ringtone from Zedge and it has a virus. Good luck. I had like 2 phones get destroyed

  11. Mark Sweeter

    LOL!!!!! Oh really???
    Apple SPIES on you!!!!! A de-googled Android device is THE only secure and private device right now (with the exception of Linux phones, which are not really ready).

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