iOS 14 vs. Android: Here's Everything Apple Copied

iOS 14 beta vs Android 10 comparison. Which OS did it better?
iPhone vs. Android iOS vs Android

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23 Replies to “iOS 14 vs. Android: Here's Everything Apple Copied”

  1. Celly Milton

    This isn't "Android", this is OneUI specifically. The Widget selection, notification shade, icon shapes, tap-and-hold actions, and general customization differ a lot from stock Android. This is just Samsung's skin of it.

  2. Samuel

    Personally I'm an Android user but pleased to see Apple offering these features. You should have shown that there are some interesting features that Apple have introduced like app stacking which I think is rather good. Also the docking of the picture in picture would be nice to have on Android too. I am hoping that the developers will wake up and update their widgets now on the play store as so many of them are dated and asthetically un pleasing.

  3. KTK MU6

    Apple users: We have better security!
    Android users: Im not a millionaire or a great figure!. Im just a normal guy who used to customize my android phone to apple or windows!

  4. AOSP KitKat

    Every pretentious iSheep needs to see tired of ignorant people thinking iPhone is the greatest. I will give them their designs and hardware but that is it, period.

  5. CarcPazu

    It's funny how apple introduces 2010 features like it's a revolution. They're clearly acting like there's nothing going on outside the apple world.

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