iOS 14 vs Android – What Happens When Apple Borrows from Google?

In this video am comparing the most exciting features Apple borrowed from Android to include in iOS 14, The purpose of this video is to compare the way each company implemented the same feature to see which one is better.

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***Time Codes***
0:00 – Intro
1:18 – iOS 14 widgets vs Android
4:39 – iOS 14 set default apps vs Android
4:58 – iOS 14 PiP vs Android
5:54 – iOS 14 app library vs Android app drawer
8:09 – iOS 14 app clips vs Android instant apps
9:49 – iOS 14 Siri vs New Google Assistant
10:21 – Conclusion
11:12 – Outro
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46 Replies to “iOS 14 vs Android – What Happens When Apple Borrows from Google?”

  1. Louis Carole

    App library’s categories have been updated in the public release, now there is no « reference and reading » category and it’s much more intuitive.

  2. Yin, but nicer

    IOS 14 is basically just a huge attack towards android and shows how Apple could have done it as good as android and if not better than android if they wanted to so those people who are like i CaNt cUsToMiZe will be quiet.

  3. Lord Stiltskin

    Widgets are nice on iOS 14 but you can't get them to do anything for you unless you tap on them and open the app. They're just views with deeplinking to their parent apps. The main purpose of widgets on iOS is "glancing". Android did this much better.

    SIRI's behavior is likely going to change in the production version. It might become a swipe to dismiss.

    AppClip is not the same as the try button on PlayStore. It's very different from development to functionality. It's actually a cool feature and I'm hoping to see it implemented everywhere.

    The app library's first view is horrible. It's basically "automatic folders" that put apps in them based on categories iOS users never bothered to notice. A regular user would download a bunch of apps but never notice what category they belong in. They just care about what the app does for them. App library's first view is very confusing. It'd make a lot more sense if the alphabetic view was the initial view.

    iOS internally had the PiP functionality for years and it was pretty much exactly the same as you see on iOS 14. It just wasn't enabled (I don't even know why but it's stupid).

  4. datinhkiem

    "Apple taking the lead within one year"
    1. Just because of the smart stack feature, you think apple already take the lead. Very subjective here.
    2. How do you know if Apple haven't already start the development work for these feature many years ago, and now just releasing it?

  5. "Rock On"

    Apple comes up with widgets when people don’t use them much on android anymore except very few. Also widget stack beats the purpose of having a widget, widget allows you to get info at 1 glance but if you have to swipe then it beats the purpose.
    All the features that Apple used to make fun of android for they added.

  6. William McMillian

    Current implementation in iOS of widgets is worthless. They look good, but they don't do anything except open the app. In Android, you can interact with widget without opening the app. I would say that iOS implementation of other Android features is similar, a pretty face, but somewhat incomplete in functionality.

  7. BrotherO4

    So like you are not gonna talk about alllllll the other feature of the widgets on android? Hell you are gonna act like unlike google apple widgets are in reality not interactive icons? They just no different than a larger app icon………defeating the use case of widgets. Smells kinda like a apple sheep. Coming from the dude who uses an XR and airpod pro

  8. Meta Sage

    I hate to be "THAT GUY" but things like widgets, picture in picture, setting default apps, and the "app drawer" are not Android originals – they have all been around well before smart phones even existed. OSX had widgets way back in 2007 in a feature called "Dashboard" (It sucked) and GNU/Linux has had "Applets" for as long as I can remember. Picture in picture has been around since the early 90's on TV's. Setting default Apps isn't really a "feature" so much as its a permission that has been around on various OS's for as long as I can remember. We shouldn't praise apple for allowing two more permissions. The "App Drawer" (or App Library as iOS calls it) is really nothing more than the "Applications" folder seen in almost every OS out there. If I had to guess, I would guess really Apple isn't so much trying to copy Android, but is bowing to pressure from its customers to implement features Android has made standard in the smart phone world for years. Remember, none of these features are original to smart phones; they have all been around in one form or another well before smart phones even existed.

  9. Hugo de Andrés

    Do people still care about assistants?? I never use them, I feel awkward to be walking on the street and asking my assistant to turn up the music, even when I’m home I will just do/search/ type whatever I need instead of asking. It just feels weird to me

  10. Rohan Reloaded

    Stacking widget is pretty dumb because it defeats the purpose of widgets to look up things at a glance, android widgets are much more dynamic and hence can't be stacked, and imo it's for the best.

  11. Rohan Reloaded

    I don't understand why apple widget stack is so popular and how it beats android widgets. I personally don't use widget from that many apps that I need to stack them, and widgets are supposed to make things faster, swiping up to see different widgets is just nonsensical to me.

  12. Çode X

    Tbh, gesture is all about getting things easier, and in that category, Moto gestures are most underrated.

    Flipping phone to open camera or doing chop to turn on flash, or long clicking home button to lock screen and best one, long pressing vol up for next song and vol down for previous song r best 🙂

    I hope they get on all android and iphones 🙂

  13. callMeYASU

    The problem is he is comparing pixel android only, where samsung, xiaomi and oneplus stockrom has much much more features already present
    I wana ask why pixel only? Google is not hardware company and they sold android to otjer vendor years ago before nexus or pixel

  14. LBZ

    The iOS app drawer has to be the worst I've ever seen. Why not just have an all app screen or the option to opt out of the confusing category setting

  15. thelco1

    I dunno, I prefer the widget non-group version of Android because with Apple I have to swipe to look at them all. With Android you just look at them.

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