iOS 6 vs Android – A look at the newest features

iOS 6 vs Android – – Nicole walks you through some new features of iOS 6 and compares them to Android which once again shows us, that Apple is trying hard to catch up with the latest Android version

29 Replies to “iOS 6 vs Android – A look at the newest features”

  1. FrostBurn876

    @dakey2k6 a rooted (jailbreak for android) phone will beat your app drawer any day bitch try, and anyway, most websites still run flash, and have fun with your overpriced piece of shit which you cannot replace as u voided your warranty for any of the stuff that stock android from 2 years ago already had! Fuck off you dipshit

  2. gintare138

    Apple can run flash at browsers (why would you need flash apps anyways?). But yah, android phones are much better than iPhone… but iPads are far more superior than android ones.

  3. Dan Mimi

    apple is better apple cant play flash items you cant customize its 'simple' for stupids, and apple is not innovative android rules give up apple lovers you need to see the outside world android can call by putting phone on ear multitask, and by touching androids on select devices you can share everything that you want to share

  4. Gratiix Venemos

    this woman is so right! really nothing on the new idevices or the new ios6 is new at all and it's worse on the new apple model than android. just a few more reasons to the other thousands why android is superior to apple.

  5. Four

    This Bitch is so unprofessional. I am an owner of both devices, iPhone and Android phone and i love them both. yes shes true about what she said and i agree with her, BUT she is being unprofessional and i don't think this video is about "iOS vs Android OS", she just want to underestimate the apple.

  6. Purplesasquatch

    Ive never used an android and i know android is a lot more customizable than an iphone. Iphones become obsolete within the year, while with an android you are free to upgrade at anytime. Also, there are loads more free apps and every single aspect is customizable. you can change your lockscreen, add different clocks, add pics to your swipe screen, add loads of widgits for easy access, and much more.

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