iOS 6 vs iOS 12 – Speed Comparison

iOS 6 was considered the pinnacle of refinement until the redesign slowed everything down. I show you how iOS 6 holds up to iOS 12.

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44 Replies to “iOS 6 vs iOS 12 – Speed Comparison”

  1. Gippuk Fenkoff

    who gives a fuck about the itunes and app store. god fucking damnit you people are so dumb. those are not utility functions of the phone that you need quick speed for. just test the normal shit. fuckin minecraft.

  2. Robert Winter

    I bought an iPhone 4 in 2010 and I had it until 2017 because I didn’t like the new iOS, I wanted to stay with iOS 6 so I decided to keep my iPhone 4 for all those years because new iPhones had the new horrible look, in 2017 the iPhone 4 broke and I bought an iPhone 7 Plus and I still like my iPhone 4 better, I will probably keep my 7 Plus for many years to avoid the notch, I like bezels.

  3. Johnny Walker

    Love iOS 6. It's quite astonishing to see that even the iPhone X offers pretty much the same experience as the aging iPhone 4S, but I'm glad that iOS 12 might be taking things back to its superior roots.

  4. Harrison Gray

    My 4th generation iPod touch is running the latest version of iOS 6 but I can’t seem to sign into my Apple ID for iMessage and FaceTime after I changed my password. Are you having any sign in issues with iOS 6? Obviously I don’t expect a 6 year old OS to connect well with devices running iOS 12 but just wondering 🙂

  5. bb1111116

    Informative video. I am reminded of how OS resource demands in Windows increased from 3.1 to Vista/7. What Microsoft did after 7 was to try and add more features but not demand more powerful computers.
    Imo with iOS 12 Apple is moving in a similar direction.

  6. Moke

    I’m probably the only one who doesn’t think that… iOS 10 was my absolute favorite version of iOS, super fast, smooth, stable and plenty of features.

  7. Alan Roe

    There are parts of iOS 6 that I miss but overall I've liked the direction apple has taken since iOS 7. To me it was due for a redesign after all the skumorphic decisions that were made in regards to the design of iOS 6 and those parts I don't miss. What I do miss is the condensed information, attention to detail and fluidness that iOS has lacked since then. I feel like if Apple was going to re design iOS in retrospect it shouldn't have been such a jarring decision to do what they did. Make it a phased change here and there each year to maintain the integrity of the OS and keep it running smooth. iOS 12 seems to have some neat features and I can only hope it'll address many of the minor annoyances and bugs that plauged 11. I hope whatever happens with iOS 13 IF if it's getting a re design it won't be 7 all over again and there's way more bugs that are introduced and that Apple goes back to making sure the os operates smoothly as best as they can here on out.

  8. buzz mann

    Great video !! I hope Apple really gets back to the style and polish of iOS 6 !! To me that's why people went to Apple for stability and speed !!

  9. Ricardo A. R. O.

    This test is not quite balanced, first of all they are very different phones one is super old and because of That is Slower and second of all ios 12 is a Beta. Even though ios 12 beta 2 is almost perfect is still a beta. So this test is basically pointless

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