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  1. BetsyRossLives

    iOS 7 looks completely like SH*T now! The new Calender, Notes, Clock/Alarm, and Text all SUCK!!!!!! Everything is so white and text is like a haze and hard to see. My gosh Mr. CEO. What's wrong with you? Upper level Managers should be fired for such a design failure of this new OS. Unless he's your relative, fire his ass. And bring back the old Calender, Notes, Clock/Alarm, and Text. And what's going on with those new icon designs and colors? Holy Cow!!!! Your fired !!!!! All of you……

  2. damaris mendoza

    tengo una pregunta, yo lo actualice y le puse el iOS 7 el mas reciente y ya no quiere sonar mi iphone , aveces suena y aveces no, solo cuando me llaman suena y en ves de sonar vibra y esta en modo normal, por que pasa eso ? alguien sabe como regresar le el sonido a las aplicaciones y a todo

  3. Dharmishtha Parmar

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  4. agmlgat

    Yeah bro this website here is just sending out comletely free White Apple iPad 3's for today only.

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    My ignorance is not charming.

  5. Oytun Yegin

    WOWOWOWO what an increasement in text size hahahah. Icons are like designed for kids. or maybe for gays? Please people, stop being a sheep. Do not buy a phone only because all of other people do. IT SUCKS, there is NO difference between 5s,5,4s,4!. Ofcourse it's thinner,bigger,brighter. Don't be an "iDiot"

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