iOS 7 vs Android Jelly Bean vs Windows Phone 8 vs BB10

iOS 7 vs Android Jelly Bean vs Windows Phone 8 vs BB10: Which is best in the battle of the new platforms? Our experts take us through the key differences between the top mobile platforms of the moment.

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40 Replies to “iOS 7 vs Android Jelly Bean vs Windows Phone 8 vs BB10”

  1. Sharky


  2. Dice

    All people thinks android is laggy but its not its the hardware's specs not the software or its lagging bcoz it had a heavy skin like touchwiz

  3. Edrian Villa

    Ive tried all the platforms from android to windows to ios and now blackberry 10 and in my opinion BB10 OS is the best right now that it can play almost all android the security, hub, and the fluidity of it..i say try using a BB10 and you'll see what im talking about..

  4. Nikolai S

    iOS= trying to catch up to android. Overrated. Overpriced.
    Android= customizable. Many different devices. 
    Windows Phone= nice look. Not alot of apps.
    BB10=good for people that like keyboard. Runs most android apps. 

  5. Allen Abayon

    Try to use Nokia Lumia phones, for those haven't tried yet, so that you would know.. Window is quiet amazing because it's very synchronize, from contacts to messenger to calendar, to other applications, they work connected, really amazing!

  6. Haduken Dev

    What we need is a phone that comes with no OS plus a CD and a software to flash or remove partitions containing differents OSses. Of course not BB and iOS, they aren't allowed. But you know, you have an empty phone… you want Apps, so you install Android. Then you change your mind, you don't flush down a lot of money and flash WP and like that. Or maybe partitions – Daily, WP; Geeky, Android. It's the future.

  7. Dark Arab

    android all the way it beats ios blackberry and wp put together android is just the best mobile os the most advanced the most powerful its the best it beats all of those easily

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