iOS 9 vs Android 6.0 Marshmallow

After using iOS 9 and Android 6.0 for some time, I compare both operating systems to help you choose what works best for you.
1. Intro 0:00
2. Design 1:45
3. App Switcher 3:22
4. Layout and Customization: 3:59
5. Notifications: 4:59
6. Fingerprint Readers: 5:61
7. Personal Assistants – 6:54
8. Battery Life: 9:18
9. App Stores: 10:56
10. Final Thoughts: 12:36


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29 Replies to “iOS 9 vs Android 6.0 Marshmallow”

  1. Connor Kenway

    I simply don't like that everything costs money on ios, i've been using an iphone for 2 years and im writing this on an ipad, but my next buy will be a phone with android, and It's gonna be within a few days. I also have issues with affording these devices, my brand new gamer pc with 2 tb storage i5 6500 and a GTX 1060 6gb cost less than an iphone 7. Im fine with ipads, but not iPhones.

  2. FA. MZ.

    I am a Android fan, and I think it is a superior operating system for the following reasons:-
    1- It is an open source, unlike ios which is "monopolised" by Apple.
    2- Customisability, you can not change themes on ios for example.
    3- Availabilitu of different phone providers at different prices that can suite everyone.
    4- Innovative, most of the time Iphone mimic Android., for example, the swipe screen feature.
    5- Android have far more options of widgets and ways to handle data, while on iphone often you are limited or tied to itunes.
    6- The back button feature is extremely handy on the Android.
    7- The Google map and notifications are extremely smart on Android, it reads your daily destinations and alert you up front.
    8-You can find so many different gadgets that can operate smoothly with android, but less often with ios, example, Android TVs, Android Watches, Android Light lamps, Android TV remote control "like the one on LG devices", etc.

    Thats only my opinion and I hope it was useful.

    Thanks for the Great review.

  3. Jay Bee

    I'm fed up of iphone. I've had 3, 4, 4s , and 6. I tried to go to samsung galexy s5 when it came out but didn't like it. and choose the 6. I've also had HTC Android phone. I find the app on iphone are a better quality. The problem with the iPhone is the storing can't be upgraded. in today world of video, pictures, what's app clips, app etc etc you really need to able to just buy a chip memory card when you need more space. also you can drag and drop files on android and sort out folders. on iphone you have to sync things which is just stupid.

  4. Muhammad Abdul Basit Hemal

    Some Reasons Why I DO Not like i-phone and still these are not overcome.

    1) I can not share with android phone
    2) not as fast as android phone like SAM., LG, Google for
    downloading,browsing etc
    4) no restart, for this I stm feel dodged when needed
    5) it becomes more heat than G4 or other some phones during charge
    6) Viber speaking/listening sound lower than android phone( I do not
    know about other countries matters)
    7) another big problem: In my country: if I do not save contact number
    with name without manually giving country code, while call comes NAME
    does not show(means who is calling).
    I have to put country code manually but android takes automatically.
    8) if my thumb becomes a bit dirty, fingerprint sensor fails to detect
    9) for iphone 7+ , no headphone jack, if anyone wishes need to use a
    converter, How commercial apple is (even apple makes approx 4/5 times
    higher profit upon their costing)

    …and many more little problem have. (I have experience of using Nokia
    Lumia, G3, G4, S6 edge, iphone 4C, iphone 5S,iphone 6S+ and iphone 7+)

  5. Robert

    In short: Use an iPhone if you're not technologically competent and need a guided experience. Use an android if you want freedom.

  6. Luna

    I like Android better. Because you can do more things on Android. Like get a ROM (Custom version of Android) Overclock your device. Get apps from the web and so on. I had a I pod and it felt so imprisoning. Because you have to have 1 firmware only apps from be app store and other little things, but IOS all the devices can get updated at the same time. iOS gets less apps. Google Play has less of a hard time making apps. I have a bad HTC phone right know, but I'm trying to get the LG Stylo 2 plus.

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