iOS (iPhone) vs Android – Which One is Better?

In this video, we will compare iPhone’s iOS vs Android (will be using Samsung Note 10 with One Ui 2.0) and see what are the differences, similarities and strong points of each.

Let’s dive in.

Phones used for this video:

– iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 13
– Galaxy Note 10 Plus running One UI 2.0 with Android 10

Let’s dive in.

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50 Replies to “iOS (iPhone) vs Android – Which One is Better?”

  1. Bruce Novotny

    Man, another gem. Thank you.
    I'm still sitting on the fence about the iPhone or Android…(l'm long term Android guy-nothing crazy just a regular user) but I feel kinda drawn to the iPhone…yet, Android still has stuff (important to me) that iPhone ain't offering… and vice-versa…what to do? Can't really afford both OS's…

  2. AncientRat

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s10+ and the amount of times that an app crashes, doesn't respond or glitches, is so frustrating. it's one of the reasons why I'm switching to Iphone

  3. Bethdontgiveashit k

    Lemme just say this… Android has loads of space and you can add more with SD card iOS has better security so no large and virus I've had both iPhone and Android used to be just an Android girl then I got the note9 and it's amazing best phone I've ever had BUT it got viruses too easily and it crashed my phone twice I lost almost all my photos and all my songs I gave up and switched back to my old iPhone 6s plus which I'm using rn but damnnn the storage do be annoying me I'm not paying half a fortune for it either I was lucky enough to get expensive phones I had to save up sooo much did I mention you can customize Android unlimitlessly Although iOS has better selfie camera Android has better back camera so good for people who want to be photographers, iOS works better with a apps and doesn't lag but android does : / however you get what you pay for I suppose anyway this is a review from someone who has dealt with both androids and iOS and I still can't choose I'm simply saying NONE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER they both have their flaws and both have their good qualities too in my mind the iPhone would be better if it was reduced in price and added slots to add external storage and the Android would be better if it had a higher security stopping bugs and viruses from coming on the phone thank you for reading I know it was long but I appreciate you taking your time for this I wanted to clear this off it would simply be better if their were no wars between iOS and Android users but non the less enjoy your day and get whatever phone you'd like I'll be off now ٩(ര̀ᴗര́)ᵇʸᵉ

  4. Jonh Beckham

    You need to update your knowledge from Android phones. iPhones for profissional gamers aren't the best option because they only have 60hz and no 5g. Android phones they have 5G, 60hz 90 hz 120hz or 144hz. iPhones users want jailbreak to get the limitless freedom that factory Android phones offer to you and with Android phones you keep your warranty saved. Android phones are rooted or jailbreak for 15 years. So iPhones need 15 years to reach the limitless power that you can do on Android phone today. iPhones don't work the way each individual person likes. Android gives you the freedom that iPhone users are fighting for at least 10 years to be like an Android phone. Jailbreak iPhones equal factory Android phones. But a Rooted Android phone there's no such limitless evolution available for now on the iPhones. Android phones Rooted Power started about 15 years ago, so 15 years development to reach the limitless level when you Rooted your Android phone. It's funny because iPhone developer didn't want to called the word Rooted, so they reinvented and change the word because it's a Android thing. Now they called Jailbreak. And to be honest i agreed for a point of view of an iPhone user, when you go from Android to iPhone you feel immediately a prisioner in the Jail, due to huge limit user interface that exists on iPhones

  5. Abhiram Madhu

    It's just a matter of choice. If possible one has to try both. It's not fair to say iPhone users or Android are dumb. I've been using Android for the past 5 years and I never used an iPhone before. My new phone would probably be an iPhone. I just wanna try it out. Also I like the animations and compact feel of iPhone.

  6. Scott Hilt

    I was an iPhone user for 9 years (2008 – 2017). After being severely disappointed with the iPhone X and just being bored with using iPhone; I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and haven't looked back. I now see just how dumbed down the iOS is compared to Android. I LOVE how customizable Android is. I now use the Note10+ and still do not miss iOS or the iPhone one bit.

  7. J.Z. Hussain

    In android i can send any file thru bluetooth or direct wifi
    In android i can download anything thru torrents

    Ios just one thing i love when it switched of due to dead battery just connect charger it will swithon automatically.. tht is super dope. I miss tht function

  8. Jeremiah Chavez

    It's funny… It really comes down to personal preference at the end of the day..

    But it's INSANE how much crap Android users get talked down to by Apple users lol.

  9. Harris Baker

    I got an iphone for free from work. Someone from mg't had it and didn't like it, so I thought I'd try it. It lasted me a whole week. I wanted to throw it in a wood chipper and then throw the wood chipper into a live volcano. One of many things I hated about it, who makes a phone with no back button? Yeah I know, simply swipe left to right, WRONG, that works about half the time. Every computer and phone I've ever had has a back button. apple la di da garbage

  10. D P

    This comparison is titled wrong
    IOS vs Samsung software which is on top of Android. Come on man you should know this. Either compare IPhone vs Samsung or IOS vs Android ( Pure Stock Android ) DAM ! This is why people are confused when it comes to Android. iPhone users if you really want to experience Android please don’t buy a Samsung you must buy Google Pixel phone to really experience how good Android is period.

  11. D P

    Not good comparison Samsung software is not Android the comparison should have been pure Android on Google Pixel vs IOS . In my opinion Samsung software on top of Android ruined Android. Example 2 emails 2 photo galleries 2 message app 2 app stores. Samsung need to sale phones with their own software ( Tizen ) and leave Android alone. The reason I would never buy a Samsung and all the extras Samsung do , cause them to have late software updates. To much money to spend on a phone that only will update maybe 2 updates the life of the phone. Also , to much bloat ware with all the pre installed apps by Samsung. Last point Samsung just now getting Android 10 when Android 11 is coming soon . Which phone will have Android 11 immediately Google Pixel. Once again Samsung is not Android bad comparison.

  12. X Koamane

    To start….
    The IPhone has more natural color.
    I can even see it on this video.
    Android screens have a depressing led color tone I don't like it.
    iPhones are mor sophisticated when it comes to screen layout and design.
    Superior in all professional applications like music production and video editing and
    Especially considering the life like color.
    iPhone rules!!! More durable and the first smart phone.
    All the others are copy cats!

  13. Joost Nauw

    Still so much you can't do on iOS. The notifications aren't even compressed together, and can't be cleared with 1 button.

    iOS doesn't have always on display, or even something similar. Nor does it have customizable home screens.

    I was honestly thinking about maybe switching to iOS since people are telling me it's really been improved, but this video shows me it's still extremely basic and dumbed down

  14. ChromeOS Brasil

    My last Iphone was Iphone 5 with IOS6 and i liked… Then i bought an Android and discovered the real SMARTPHONE potential and how amazing a peace of technology can do more than just take pictures!

    If you are a grandma, yeah, buy an iPhone. But If you wanna use a smartphone that really helps you to get through the day , Android is the ONLY OPTION for you.

  15. marc atkinson

    Good explanation thank you. Thinking about all of the defences, i dont need to customize that much in my day to day so id take the better quality apps and software as iv had android for 10years and would just like apps and phone to run at its best . So going to move to apple now .

  16. Jaime Fermin

    New to iOS and just about the only thing that I miss from Android is the separate volume levels for ringtone, media and system and alarms. I thought the home screen customization was going to hit me hard, but got used to the “boring” home screen in less than a day.

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