iOS Today 332: iOS vs. Android

Android expert Jason Howell joins Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone to talk about his experience with an iPhone 7. We also discuss the new Lego social network, The Trail by Peter Molyneux, and Thorlight to control your Hue Lights.

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8 Replies to “iOS Today 332: iOS vs. Android”

  1. Tech

    This video is a bit old and some of it doesn't hold up. iOS 12 has really changed how passwords are handled and it's much better now. I'm posting using a Samsung S10+, which is my first Android phone since the original Motorola Droid, having used iPhones since then. From what I can tell, both have advantages and it really depends on your personality. Love customizable and freedom? Android is for you. Love security and stability? iOS is for you.

  2. Michel Morrissette

    3 years with a very crappy Android phone with too many ACTUAL malware amd viruses that CAN REALLY cause all sorts of issues with Android.
    Android is the “Windows” of the smart phone world.
    There are thousands of malware/viruses under ANY version of Android!
    Stayed with Android because iPhone has been waaaay too expensive for a smart phone for years and are EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE NOW!!!!!
    I am a Mac and iPad user and would rather spend a lot of money for iPad than a smaller iPhone.
    That has recently changed as many places are offering older iPhones (iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6S/6S Plus for more than 50% off its original OEM price.
    So, my wife has our very first 32 GBs iPhone SE with Mophie battery pack and dock charger that NOW works/runs under our T-Mobile/Family Mobile monthly, “pay-as-you-go” plan!
    First iPhone my wife or I has ever owned in over 10 years of iPhone models.
    As soon as my 3 year old “Crapatel'” Android phone dies or stops working well, I will be switching to iPhone, too!
    Android truly sucks!

  3. RhythmBoy

    10 years with the same iphone "launcher"… c'mon Apple. What secrutiy risk is there for people to customize it? lol Android is the best, but lately I've been forcing myself to use an iPhone… lol

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