iOS vs Android 2020!

iOS vs Android 2020! Hello all and welcome to this mid 2020 video comparison of the latest version of iOS 13.5.1 vs Android 10 June 2020. The intentions of this video is to provide you with a detailed look at many of the core differences and features of each operating system. We don’t cover every single feature in this video, but we do cover many of the core experience differences. iOS for iPhone has come a long way but the core functionality remains similar to its introduction way back in 2007. Android 10 is far different from the original days of Android software, but which one comes out on top will depend on a few factors! Check out the video to find out which you are more leaning towards in 2020. If you have iOS phone or Android phone, please share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, and questions below with the community 🙂 As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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45 Replies to “iOS vs Android 2020!”

  1. Nick Ackerman

    *P.S. I mistakenly in the video said New York City instead of New York in the assistants section, was thinking about the city due to the city being the highlight of the current events lately*

    iOS vs Android 2020! After both systems being updated yesterday, this inspired a mid 2020 comparison of both operating systems! Let's Gooo!! Share your pick for mid 2020!

  2. 0mnibus

    I use the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 10+ every day. What stands out is how primitive iOS (currently version 14.3) seems to Android, and how many ads are showing on iPhone that cannot be blocked. On Android, ad blocking works better through ADGUARD DNS and the Firefox browser add-on – uBlock. You cannot install browser add-ons on iPhone, even after installing Firefox, because it is not strictly Firefox, but a Safari browser overlay (as Apple still blocks competing, better solutions).

  3. dodgeram1500tn

    I been a samsung user for awhile and my kid has the s9 plus and no more updates and i got the s10 plus and its been the same for a hole year just updates that dont do nothing, and im going with the iphone 11 pro max now they get updates alot more and for years so no more android for me, phones cost to much when you cant get updates.

  4. Moises Bonilla

    2 best phones so far: iPhone and galaxy, I will start switching one year note and next time iPhone. Now I have 12 pro max next phone will be galaxy note. Even though Samsung is expensive they have awesome specials after a month of their release if you go to a Samsung store where apple is never on sale

  5. tutacat

    1. Thats not because pixel has 90 hz
    2. dictation is local on pixel, so faster anyway
    3. why your audio flat
    4. android digital wellbeing YOU have the beta selected, doesnt mean its only in beta, there is a current version as well
    5. Most apps reflect system dark/light mode
    6. iphone privacy ads are just marketing not really care that much
    7. All keyboards have to add new emojis from Unicode. Apple did not make those emoji.
    8. Cheap iphone can oNLY be used old phones.

  6. Adrianne Smith

    I love customization and I have been an Android user for YEARS and while I briefly thought about giving Apple a try, changed my mind as I watched your video. Thank you for the in depth information.

  7. Craig Woodgate

    Having been an android user for over 15 years i have just purchased an iPhone and I’m not a fan I don’t get all the fuss about iPhones thats just Miyazaki opinion the one thing that bugs me the most is having the app icons all over the screen compared to having them all hidden in the app draw i like how iPhone has online messaging but it means having to have your phone to be able to send messages for free but when your mobile data plan is not unlimited i prefer google messages as i can just text as its not as if i use it for sending photos or anything like that

  8. AK21

    Using Android for 10 years and iPhone 12Pro+iWatch 6 for last month. As for watch, iWatch is way better then Samsung Watch Active 2, as for the phone, iPhone is not even close to Samsung 20+. Android is way much better then iOS.

  9. ASAP Kitty

    I have the iPhone for years and I’m so debating if I want an android! I do think iPhone is played out. And I just want something new and fresh ! Thank you so much for the video

  10. Adam Parvin

    Being forced to use wifi for many things on an iPhone make it frustrating to use. I live in a rural area with poor home internet, no other options but my cell provider has 4g LTE coverage and unlimited data. Android gives me the option to update on mobile network

  11. Kin F

    I've been an android user for life however i am switching. The apple ecosystem is unmatched. My circle of friends and family are moving or have already moved so I'm forced to 🤣 I'm tired of being left out of group chats and seeing "laughed at message " on my screen 😳🙄

  12. LolKat

    Honestly, in 2020, both are so unbelievably similar and make up for each other's shortcomings, that you can get away with transitioning between the two and not feel overwhelmed by either operating system.

    Once you know how to use one, you pretty much can use the other just as effectively.

    However, Google Assistant is still a lot better than Siri and it's one of the reasons why I lean more towards Android. If Siri used Google, I wouldn't even bother with using an Android.

  13. Master Hacker

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