iOS vs Android 3.0 HoneyComb comparison – 2nd part

Second part of my Android HoneyComb vs iOS comparsion.

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14 Replies to “iOS vs Android 3.0 HoneyComb comparison – 2nd part”

  1. moonpriest01

    @dewey5566 yes androids are laggy. if u only have is an android phone in your life then for you its good. But for me owning an s2 and 4s difference is obvious. You know about Project Butter!? Its to finally improve smoothness of the os. So as long as your not on JB your phone will remain laggy except you overclock it and comprmise your battery.

  2. Matt C

    @Pipiw12345 mostly I see iFans on android forums bragging about iPhones. Its just a phone, calm the fuck down. If you like the polished interface of iPhones, so be it. If you like the customization and features of Droids, again, so be it. I don't see why such a big deal is made over a product when both corporations don't give the slightest fuck about customers.

  3. moonpriest01

    Im still wondering why Fandroid Boys are the most boastful shitty group ever. Always flooding the net,disliking apple videos, to prove their phone is the best considering that Android OS is the laggiest Os ever as of now, They are always like "I can do everything w/ my Laggy Phone".

  4. Gino Guillermo

    PLEASE HELP!!! Plan to buy an iPad 2 this weekend. normally an Android user. had to ask a silly question: Would you say the multitasking on iPad 2 w/ iOS5 with that multigesture finger swiping is as good as that of an Android Honeycomb 3.2 tablet? or Android is still better. (I'm choosing between an iPad2 and the Honeycomb-enable HTC Flyer Wifi) Thanks.

  5. Pinas-4-ever

    iOS is a FAIL.. too many restrictions = can't access files without iTunes, can't get songs once in the iPhone already, bluetooth is iPhone to iPhone only, can't copy phone contacts to SIM without Jailbreaking, can't block calls and SMS effectively, no Flash Player.

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