iOS vs Android 3 years later

Help me understand why Android on the Moto X Pure is so inferior to iOS in terms of responsiveness.

These are two devices being used. I don’t care about design, ergonomics, etc. Just daily usage.

ipod Touch 6, iOS 11, 32G HD, 1G RAM vs. Moto X pure, Android 7, 32 G HD, 32G SD, 3G RAM.

Only technical comments, please. Non technical comments will be deleted. The idea is a technical discussion, not an opinion war. I have noticed the sluggishness on Android in every Android phone I’ve had.

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  1. Mohammed Faizuddin

    I believe one of the reason for iOS being so responsive while compared to an android phone having more power is the way the software (iOS/ Android) works with the hardware (iPhone/ Motorola).
    What I mean is that in the Apple ecosystem both the hardware and the software is designed by them and they make the software in a way which runs seamlessly with their Hardware.
    Whereas in the Android world Google is the one doing the operating system and there are lot of companies using this software in their devices. This makes it have some amount of bloatware by the respective hardware companies. But Android is emerging in this matter and we see a couple of companies today trying to reduce this layer of bloatware to keep the OS in its barebones to perform better. Some examples would be OnePlus devices and Google’s own Pixel devices.
    But thats just my opinion, I could be wrong. Please educate me if I am.

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