iOS vs Android – A Detailed Comparison

iOS and Android are the two biggest mobile operating systems: in this video I compare the two of them as both are similar, yet different at the same time. They each have perks and drawbacks, but which one is best?
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Like all the other comparison videos I make, this video is split into categories, and either iOS or Android earn a point when they do better in that category – to save you time (or if you just wanna skip ahead), here are some timestamps for each of them. Enjoy 🙂

0:00 Intro
0:54 Ease of Use
2:43 Customisation
4:34 Support for Updates
6:13 Security
7:27 Performance
8:34 Conclusion & Outro
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12 Replies to “iOS vs Android – A Detailed Comparison”

  1. Tim Dorcy

    I've used android and iphones for almost an equal time. I use my phone for the things that 85% of people do. I do the same thing on android as I do on iphone and they do them equally well. They're both easy to use and they both do the job. The reason I've decided to stay with android is the huge number of options for hardware price wise and with features. Shopping for a new phone is always interesting and exciting.

  2. Faulti

    The only reason I use apple is because of imessage games 😂

    Other than that I actually hate iPhone the battery is horrible and the storage is messed up

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