iOS vs Android Battle! – Soldier Knows Best vs Jon Rettinger – Soldier's Tech Battlefield

This week we have special guest Jon Rettinger of TechnoBuffalo. The two square off in a battle of iOS vs Android. Who wins? And Why?

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32 Replies to “iOS vs Android Battle! – Soldier Knows Best vs Jon Rettinger – Soldier's Tech Battlefield”

  1. Michael Lightner

    Android easily,I loved soldier's rebuttal is jail break the iPhone lmao! There is no question that Android is completely open world where in ios is a walled sheltered experience aka incredibly limited. About the apps I noticed they never touched on widgets which are a flip side to apps oh wait that's because apple chooses to not have those although they ate without question useful and are superior to a closed app you constantly have to open to get needed information idk just my two cents

  2. John Stevenson

    Guys, Android was made by Google, who made this website called YouTube, Google search, the worlds greatest search engine, Google docs, Google now, Android OS's, gmail, chrome, and they don't always want to be a competition. Plus, they are trying to make air balloons that hold 3G internet so the people who don't have Internet can have Internet in like Australia and stuff.

  3. Wild Heart

    You're both very cute, but I am developing a serious soft spot for Jon!
    Still, I'm sure that's not what it's meant to be about! :O))

    I'm a recent convert to iOS and loving it and am still finding my way round my iPhone 6. 
    However, the thing that really swayed me was the opening up to alternative Keyboard options, such as Swiftkey, which is still nowhere near as good on iOS as it is on Android, but I'm learning to live with it!
    Without Swiftkey, it would be a no brainer, Android, everytime!

  4. Sondre

    There are also more appclications on Android, and you can for example get paid apps for free. And a ittle Android bot is so cute😘

  5. Sondre

    Android owns iOs! Cause on android you can modify games, without hacking and stuff like that. On iOs you must do so much to modify a game, on Android you can do it super simple! The other thing that I like w/ Android is that im grown up with android ONLY, and my friend had ONLY iOs devices, and I like modify games and do simple things……so……. ANDROID IS DA CHAMPION!!!!!

  6. Matt Robb

    I can't believe people are still using iOS it seems ancient I used to use it when I was younger and thought it was good and looking at it now it's exactly the same as it was but now it looks more childish

  7. PiranhaFisher


    The design, applications and voice assistant are the three things iOS can never lose at!

    Even android fans admit that

    And I admit that there are several things android wins at but none of them is in the video!

  8. Sara Haris

    Honestly most of my electronics are apple but my phone is a Samsung. And I think android is better. On my phone you can download music for free and there are way to get the paid apps free on android. But I do have to say I dont know if its just my phone but my camera quality on my phone is bad.. but I still think Android is better :3

  9. Peter Kim

    Android why no bring up the fact that ios can't download games on forshare websites that android can, meaning you can download games from iphone to android, also something I phone lacks is the ability to download any simulators, samsung not only lets you play iphone games but also, gameboy advance, ds, even the nes if you buy an attachment, same for game cube etc…

  10. Franco Calaramo

    I hate Android its so slow so that im not using my Android phone I try to full my iOS device to 0 byte and nothing happens always fast and convenient also most of the Hollywood stars are using Apple because iOS deserves a good person to hold them also most of the movies Apple brand is always present so for me apple is so amazing! ✌️

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