iOS vs Android Debate! With Jon from TechnoBuffalo

Which mobile OS is better, iOS or Android?

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40 Replies to “iOS vs Android Debate! With Jon from TechnoBuffalo”

  1. The Anomity

    Lollllll “ elegant os and the BETTER HARDWARE”???? Hahahah, go fuck yourself u stupid buffalo, i love ios but theres no way in hell apple is better in hardware, wht a fucking joke

  2. Charles Tilley

    I have to agree with Linus, every new Apple device is virtually the same. My iPhone SE (same hardware as the 6s in a smaller package) does the same as that Phone to the letter, only with a smaller & less costly ($225 at TracFone today) body. It also runs the latest iOS. Why would I drop $1,000+ for the latest, when I can (as of this date) grab a last gen Google Pixel XL for $399.99 ($650 off regular price) from B&H Photo & Video? When it comes time for a new smartphone, that's the way I'll go.

    And BTW, my iPhone SE is now in the process of a battery replacement which is $29 when out of warranty & $0 if under and/or in the Apple Care program. This recall covers a wide range if iPhones, except the last models released. This is (in part) because iOS upgrades are taxing on the battery. One can turn off wireless (wi-fi), BT & let the phone sit & will still find a way to drain from 100% to 90% while on standby for 24-36 hours. The ONLY way to stop drain is to shut down the phone when not in use (like at bedtime). Yet this is impractical during the day, one will miss calls & messages.

    Bottom line, I won't be purchasing another iPhone, fortunately have never owned a MacBook (or any of their other computers), so haven't 'missed out' on anything. Should I decide to switch platforms, can do Linux with my current hardware, or purchase Chromebook for a lot less.

  3. i'Pare - My Singing Monsters

    The problem is that people call stupid people that buy Apple products, never seen anyone calling stupid someone that buys Android. That’s because Apple fanboys are just chilling in their ecosystem and Android people have to scream “My DEvIce IS BEtEtEr stupOiD ISHEEpp”. Not saying is always like that, surely there is exceptions but it’s not that difficult to understand: Hate the products not people. If you hate and judge someone because he buy what he likes, he’s not the stupid one here.

  4. davitofarito

    Nope…bailed out as soon as I heard the premise. I'm looking for a debate between zealots of either IOS or Android, not between nerds that could argue either way!

  5. Shan

    I want these two to debate once again in 2018. And truss me it won't last long this time. Coz iOS is the clear loser!

  6. RAGE2Sage

    When john said when you get a new phone it's something brand new with every version, he proved Linus's point, apple is just the same thing regurgitated with every new version

  7. Jasper

    Android is literally such a shit OS. You’re lucky enough to get one update from the Manufacturer, preinstalled crapware, there is such little privacy for the consumer, poor security, etc..

    Okay yeah iOS isn’t as customisable as Android but I would rather use an operating system that is secure, straight forward albeit a little boring at times and is supported by its manufacturer with 5 fives years of updates.

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