iOS vs Android in 2019 – Which One Should You Choose? [Simple Guide]

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With 2019 nearing, which operating system should you choose? iOS or Android? An iPhone or an Android phone? An iPad or an Android tablet?

We’ll look at the pros and cons of each OS in this video, and help you decide which is the right fit for you.

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22 Replies to “iOS vs Android in 2019 – Which One Should You Choose? [Simple Guide]”

  1. Clay Zeeman

    People keep saying that android is more flexible and that you got more rights and such…

    yet you can only deactivate the bloatware and deinstall it only if you rooted your phone. At least apple doesnt cram bloatware into its mobile os. NO I DONT WANT FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE APPS, I JUST WANT OPEN-SOURCE APPS FROM FDROID!
    And then the tablets, they are just oversized android smartphones with pathetic big screen support, not like the ipads with their very well optimized apps.
    Im just happy that my rooted note 8 is currently working and i hope that i dont brick my ipad when i jailbreak it soon.
    Both suck, i wanna be admin when i pay a few hundred bucks

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