iOS vs. Android: MY Story

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iOS vs. Android: I tell my story of using both of these operating systems and how using both has made me a better person!

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25 Replies to “iOS vs. Android: MY Story”

  1. The Ultimate YouTuber

    My family has used Android for years, My dad got a HTC Thunderbolt that was ok, but crashed a lot so he got another smartphone and for my mom (can't remember what model, all I remember is that they were Motorola) so about a year later we went to Florida to see a Nascar race, and as we were leaving to come back home both my parents phone got infected with Malware and got bricked, so they got new phones, the Motorola Droid Turbo XT1254, my dad liked the phones my mom didn't because I had to teach her how to use it, then in 2016 my dad gave me his phone after doing a factory reset, and I loved that phone it was, for me easy to use, fast, crystal clear quality, and it had VR support, and more importantly A HEADPHONE JACK! anyway that's my story.

  2. Mr. Meeseeks

    is this what lamarr sounds like when using mostly real English? I don't like it. feels like a part of him is missing. maybe it's the laugh? maybe it's the fact that he used actual English? idk but I like the new lamarr better

  3. Shane Horne

    the one thing I hate about android is the apps say if you got a game on one phone and you try to put the same game on a different phone it will say not compatible with this devices

  4. Glitter Slime

    I like iOS better I am not hating on android but I think android can give me a cheap vibe a non modern experience yes and I used android before but iOS has been there for me since 2010 I got the first iPad to launch and it was smooth modern then the iPad became outdated in 2011 so I upgraded to a iPod touch 5 I liked it but it just got to slow in 2014 so I got the iPhone 6 and I am still with it

  5. TimLimDimSims

    I love android. Coming from IOS and Windows phone. Its just such a fresh experience. Good hardware, good apps, decent software (finally) and its so personal which is really what a smartphone should be. Its lame seeing all these people with Iphone 6. Theres just no variation

  6. Brandon Holmin

    I have a windows laptop and I love it. I used to have an android tablet but I didn't like the software. Some apps wouldn't work or shut down. I used jelly bean and KitKat and wasn't a fan of either of them.  I love windows because of the ease of use. I recently bought a 4th gen apple TV and the new 4th gen ipad mini because I love apple. I used to have 2 ipod touches 2nd gens but apple discontinued the ios and the buttons broke on the ipod touches so I bought a 160gb ipod classic.. I love apple and windows

  7. Random Cool Person

    i prefer android because it does the stuff i want and need it to do EASILY. I had an iphone (after having an android) and i felt like I was in prison. ios is ok…but so is windows. i can get a good android phone for cheaper and does what i want it to do better for me at least so I'm sticking with my androids. (for now at least) 😛 (ifans I'm not trying to start a war just stating my opinion so shut up) lol XD

  8. cameron smith

    i like android ive used ios in the past and the video load times on youtube was simply too slow for me to handle but i bought a nexus 4 and it had no lag what so ever the lil green dude got game

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