iOS vs Android P: Should Apple Fans Be Jealous?

Should iPhone users be jealous of Android P?
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41 Replies to “iOS vs Android P: Should Apple Fans Be Jealous?”

  1. Sourav Datta

    I had note 8…got myself iphone xs this year to try it out…it had no pic in pic mode,no always on screen display,no battery percentage display at homepage,no facility to add wether or time widgets on home screen,no split screen,no app bar,no dark mode and so mch more…i had to see it immidiately and jst got my money bck…thank god i did nt resell my note 8…keeping it it note 10 or pixel 4 cmes out?

  2. sschat

    Google…. nuff said….. not jealous. Just personal, i like my phone to be simple. Cause the rest of this western life is already too complicated. Why would i take a phone with options to 'customize' my phone? More complexity. KISS…. keep it simple stupid. Life is simple. Why make it complicated with an overkill on options?

  3. Pichkalu Pappita

    When google collects data they actually use for proper research in machine learning and AI at least but facebook just wants to sell you food and everything that you have remotely interest in

  4. Sid Chinchankar

    Google dosent use data but some natorious app app over app means it can see what you where seing on are connected to google ads so these information go in google ad so they can see ads related to it.

  5. Hadi Farhat

    My pleasure giving my data to google, I've got nothing to hide, I don't care if the ads I see are more relevant (I'd like that actually), and the convenience I get from it is ?

  6. pvaz

    For as much as I like seeing this technology progress, I can’t see myself wanting or needing any of this options. I manage 2 businesses with simple email, todo tasks and a calendar. A visual assistant that sums it up can be nice, but anything voice related is just useless and gimmicky. I mean, should I go around talking to my phone, letting any passer by know about my personal and business schedule? Typing is much faster, convenient and private.

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