iOS vs. Android: The War is Over | So Last Decade

The smartphone war is so last decade. iOS? Android? Apple? Samsung? None of it matters anymore.
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31 Replies to “iOS vs. Android: The War is Over | So Last Decade”

  1. Tech Guy

    You say “If I can get this for $500 why spend $1000?” I ask what is decent hardware for $100 to $150 that is acceptable for two years of use?

  2. Dice Roll

    Okay so it seems to me that you don't actually understand what Android is collectively otherwise you would just be saying Apple versus PC because Android by itself is not some product that's competing with anything else Android is basically a PC cloned optimized for field computing AKA micro laptop whatever you want to call it and Android scientifically is 100% identical in concept to Apple except for Android works like wine on Linux except for it uses JavaScript which is the the next generation of JavaScript plus because JavaScript is just like xcode except for it is favorable to proprietary IBM program language like Windows which is why Microsoft has given up a lot of provider programming in favor of Google's format because of a financial mutual benefit for advertising which Apple it's also part of so you're really just kicking yourself in the dick when you're renting about operating systems because there is absolutely nothing that you could say makes any operating systems exclusive besides the fact that apple is proprietary and I could say that well apple is just a generic Linux for idiots who can't use big boy Linux which is about the equivalent of you saying well Android is this Google thing and it's somehow a contrast to Apple even though that the business model of Apple makes Google a valuable and favorable company and in reality apple is indifferent to what Google does and Google is indifferent to what Apple does so it's really just a bunch of nerves having a skirmish that doesn't actually exist in the real world.

  3. sf 187

    So I have been considering switching back to ios after 6 years with android. Waiting for the iphone 12 to launch.

    Like any reasonable person I listed the pros and cons of switching to ios. Here is what I found:

    Ios switch over cons:

    1) ios does not allow downloading any file from the internet like mp3 or video. Can't download any YouTube video or Facebook video either.

    2) To free up space you can not go into whatsapp cache and delete all sent media items exclusively.

    3) No option to add additional memory (micro SD)

    4) ios photo editor does not have snap to outline crop feature.

    5) Can not change default apps. Like default photo editor or default pdf reader or even default text app.

    6) 2020 and still no multitasking option.

    7) All android devices can be used as simple USB drives on any computer to share any file format.

    8) No file manager to navigate drive.

    9) No live wall papers. No theme options.

    10) Apps choice limited to app store while android allows all third party apps which can be very useful sometimes.

    11) Can not dial contact by name on dialpad directly.

    12) Face ID goes to waste with mask on these days. Must use pin/pass to enter your phone lolol (no pattern option to date)

    Opinion) Whatsapp skin in Android looks far better than on the ios skin, which looks outdated.

    Pros of ios/apple:

    1) Best brand for a mobile phone gives best after sales service. (Apps, hardware, accessories all inclusive)

    2) Slightly smoother/faster UI.

    3) The ios ecosystem only a benefit if you have macpc itv ipad and watch. If the only apple u have is the iPhone this point transfers to the negative section.

    Thats all.

    Should we not think of our phones as powerful pocket computers? Shouldn't it be a tool rather than a fancy accessory that is merely a limited extension of an actual computer?

    Iphone is an accessory. A Fashion accessory maybe. While any android is a useful tool that has no set boundaries to its capabilities and functionality.

    This was an objective study. So no hard feelings. I might still end up getting the new iphone12 just for the sake of the experience.

  4. Justin S

    iOS is a Mercedes, Android is a Honda Civic.
    Mercedes' are optimized but strict on user customization. Honda Civics are rather plain but offer infinite customization.

  5. Sisi Bowling

    "…and How much phone we can get for smaller and small we prices…"
    That's exactly what's happening with the pandemic. iPhone SE, Google Pixel 4a…the list goes on.

  6. Andrew Fernando

    How much more can you wish for in a smartphone? They can already do way more than is comfortable on a small screen and it's not like they're a replacement for an actual computer. Even tablets haven't made that leap yet.

  7. Mark B

    I miss the iOS vs Android Wars… Those were the days. Now? iPad v Android Tablet Wars… Let it begin. Long live the iPad!!!!!!!

  8. Michael L.

    I agree, looking back its just nostalgia and wondering why you didn't choose the right phone that lasted a few years. Why did I choose a random shitty htc 8 years ago and not a normal samsung s series phone? Why did samsung have multiple lines of products that people only remember the S and A series…?

  9. MB Legend

    Android is a much more fertile environment for malware because there are so many versions of the OS in the wild, and it's the carriers – not Google – that get to decide when or even if the operating system is patched with security updates on specific model phones. In contrast, Apple device owners update their operating system software far more frequently, and Apple doesn't have to deal with the same amount of “OS fragmentation” found within the Android ecosystem.

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