iOS vs Android: Which Monetizes Better for Game Developers?

Appodeal goes to Game Connection 2016 to ask mobile gaming experts whether iOS or Android monetizes better.

3 Replies to “iOS vs Android: Which Monetizes Better for Game Developers?”

  1. Wolfinspire ·

    IOS gets good games and games first or exclusively because iOS people pay more. Android people likes to pirate games. Android gets games don't get me wrong but most are not good or if we get a good non clash of clans, candy crush, town builder clone it's hard to find. Android is better for emulators and is why I use Android.

  2. xYuushax

    but problems with ios: you have to pay per monthly fee => you lose money first or go bankrupt before getting any income.
    there should be an alternative for indie developers wanting to upload for ios.

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